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ecstatic cleansing

All events that happened were legal according to local laws.

All events that happened were legal according to local laws.

The other day I had a hunch to visit the fields in the countryside, even though it had not rained and it was droppingto pretty cold levels at night. Me and a friend
ended up going at about 5pm. The minute I got there I found
a cute minature cubie, a good sign. I had the urge to walk over to the far end of the field while my friend was busy picking other non-psilocybin mushrooms (he is inexperienced)
To my amazement I wondered into a nice patch of small potent (they are soooo potent this time of year), beutifull psilocybes. We headed back into the city and started munching down. I never really weigh out my dose, I just usually start eating them until I "feel" that I have had enough. In this case i ate roughly 4 or 5 small shrooms over the course of 10-15 minutes. When I was done eating a friend walked in and offered to trade us some LSD for the remainder of our mushrooms. Me and my friend whom I'll call "Joe" from now on, acccepted the offer and I ate 2 drops of Liquid and a blotter. Right as I had eaten the acid the wallwas turning bright beutifull colors and patterns of an aztec-type were flowing and undulating through it. Joe decided not to eat his acid. We headed off to a movie ("what dreams may come")and half way there Joe decided to go back and get his acid. He ate 2 sugar cubes (2 drops of liquid) and a blotter paper. We arrived at the movie and Joe got lost trying to buy a ticket, and forgot the name of the movie completley. By this time I was starting to trip really hard. We headed back to the house...eventually we walked about to a baseball field on top of a mountain that overlooked the whole valley.
I was feeling really good, even though my ego was being dissolved, i had extreme self confidence, I felt perfect, one with the world, everyone one was the same being, we were all part of the same conciousness reflecting upon itself.
My head was completley made of liquid wich was dripping downmy esophagus and everytime me or Joe would speak our voices would reverb to the point were we couldnt understand, just a low pitched echoing alien language that would vibrate my liquified head. At one point the back of my head touched the heels of my feetin in such a way so that i was a complete circle (this is while i was standing up) and all boundried were completley destroyed. The truth about everything was revealed, I need not ask for knowledge because it was already in me, and i was everyone and everyone was me, the whole fabric of reality was flipped so that I could see the underworkings of a huge fractal conciousness that made everything, the planet, the stars, the universe, the multiverse..everything. I was at peace. I had being cleansed and it felt really good. I was ecstatic with joy and love as I saw the elves dancing in glee out of the corners of my eyes, jumping from tree to tree. The whole sky was a screen that my mind projected on. The rest of the night when the psilocybin and lsd were wearing off and battling eachother, I enjoyed to multi-colored halloucinogenic cannon fodder behind my closed eyes. For the first time in a long while, I was perfectly content with reality, I was happy to know the truth, I was at one with my mind and everyone else. I had being cleansed by the mushrooms, and I was satisfied.

I'll take some pictures when I go to the field again, those mushrooms had a dark tan head with a thick rubbery stem, looked similar to the amazonian strain of cubes. Small, thick and potent. Truly an alien life form.

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