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my friends and i decided to do some mushrooms after work one day (4 people).

my friends and i decided to do some mushrooms after work one day (4 people). we drove up to the guy's house, got em, smoked a bowl and ate them. no big deal, this would be my fourth time and i havent had a problem yet. so far, i had only had a 2-3 level trip. haha.

so anyways, we start back to our location of work. we took a detour and went to a neighborhood behind our work and were just gonna chilla dn let the msuhrooms kick in. i thought to myself, " this is not the greatest idea", not being somewhere where there is zero driving involved. fairly usafe, well, as far as a sense of security is involved.

so we arrive in this neighborhood, and the one guy throws most of his shrooms up. i didnt feel anything at this point, and it had only been 25-30 minutes. we now had a designated driver. so we were listening to some music, and we decided to go back to work and chill around a fireplace.

i work in a bar/grill, and there is a seperate section of the place with a fireplace. we got a cd player from the kitchen (where i work as a cook) and listened to Animals by Pink Floyd. i wasnt really tripping yet, but things seemed odd. i went to look at my schedule and i saw the colors were bleeding. finally, it took forever for them to kick in (empty stomach too). went back and chilled, didnt really have any other thoughts or visuals.

we went back out to the car after the CD roughly an hour. we went back to that neighborhood and smoked again. now heres a little side note type thing...

we smoked out of a HUGE pipe, this thing packs a little less than an ounce. we packed one eighth of an ounce (maybe a little more) of marijuana in it... gone in 5 minutes!!

i started smoking a cig and felt better than i have ever felt before. like, nothing but good feeling. simple visuals, mild mind trips, and good feeling. i think we were listening to disc one of echoes.

the one friend who had thrown up wanted to drive to WaWa (convenient store) to get some food. i was pretty hungry, and by this time, finally, tripping nuts! echoes disc one went in, we chilled for a while. we then decided to go to denny's instead. dont know why...

we hit the bypass around our town and started toward dennys, i was staring at the moon and just thinking some crazy stuff. this part is still unclear to my recollections, but i know that somewhere down that bypass, fear started creeping up on me. the beginning of the song echoes came on, and i knew 100% something bad was going down.

so we come up to denny's, i am going nuts, kinda keeping to myself. FOUR STATE TROOPERS outside of denny's.

"holy crap, 4 state troopers"
"we arent going there, do you think they see us"
"we're going really slow, i think they might see us"
"they are after us dude"

so, the three of us still tripping (minus the puker) were starting to wig! fleeing from the cops that may or may not have been after us, we had to get away. obviously our driver was tripping at this piont. we HAD to get off main roads, i had no sense of speed, it felt like we were in a parade.

we went down a back road. it was really windy, and by this point (11 mins into echoes) the scary part came one. this part of the song sounds a little like the stuff people play on halloween outside thier house to be scary). my friend next to me thought we were going to drive off a cliff. i couldnt see the road straight, so i just tried to relax. i was getting sooo worked up, and i was breathing as if i had just run a mile.

then we stopped. somehow they had made it to one of our friends houses. no way we were going in. i sat in the backseat, or was i? i knew where i was, and had a good grasp on reality and time, but my mind raced about so many downright EVIL things. the glorious pattern of colors i had once saw with my eyes closed was now jagged bits of grey, black and white. i looked out the window, and two trees starting wrapping around eachother, and the snow beneath the trees became electricity. it was a specatacle, but by this time i was SO scared that i couldnt focus on anything but making it all go away.

i had flashbacks to 2nd grade (i am in college now). i was in the room, and EVERYTHING was so real. i swear i saw all the peeople in my class. and then it all went back to the thrashy evil BS i didnt like. and that kept getting worse and worse. the stuff in my head was so great i couldnt hear the music (it was on, i knew it was, but i couldnt prcoess it). i had one shread of reality left that kept me going. my fact, or at least if convinced myself it was fact enough to believe it while tripping: shrooms dont kill. this kept me from going all out insane, my friends (2 of them) however thought they were going to die and were crying.

it kept getting worse and worse and worse and then... i felt for a quick few seconds in this reality, that i was on the plain of another dimension. i was just standing there, staring at nothing, and all the evil and rage in my mind was gone! i would love to go back where i was, it was simply amazing, especially coming out in the middle of a bad trip.

so all of us "came down" at the same time, and it was as if we all had gone though the same thing, thought the same things. we waited a while and then we left. we went to a convenient store and all the candy in the isle was melting.

i thought to myself "this is nothing". my one friend stood around and tried to get a donuts for 10 minutes, and he dropped 3 or 4 on the ground in confusion. this is now 6 hours later, btw. i saw his eeys and they were still dialated.

so i finally get back to my car, and i drive home. i'd say for about a week... i was tense and uneasy. after that i recovered and now i wanna go for a trip again. but NEVER under those circumstances again. (sorry if that was long and drawn out, i am high)

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