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Eating 18 Caps and some stems

So I had some shrooms the other day (a few weeks ago).

So I had some shrooms the other day (a few weeks ago). It was the first time a friend of mine had ever tried them, and so he bought and consumed an 8th. He tripped out quite a bit, losing sense of time and reality. He kept thinking everyone was talking about him, even if they weren't talking. But back to my experience. It started off fairly mild, streaking lights and such. It then turned into a stronger distortion, with the ceiling becoming an ocean of movement. Shadows and lights were very distorted, and i could see the contours of light on every object. After spinning around in my chair and talking constantly about random stuff my roomate suggested I take a shower, as that is something he had liked doing when tripping acid. So i was all for it and ran and jumped into the shower. After several minutes in the shower my cell phone rang. For some reason the polyphonic sound of the ringtone made me start hearing super mario bro's music from the shower head (the original super mario bro's game on nintendo). I kept thinking my cell phone was ringing so i kept opening the curtain to look. Of course it wasn't ringing. So then i assumed the most likely thing...the shower head was playing music to fuck with me. Needless to say I ended up getting in an argument with it, and so i sat down in the shower. It was amazing as i could see everything frozen in time, yet moving...all together. Each individual droplet of water seemed clear as could be, yet moving so very fast. After arguing with the shower head some more for spraying water in my mouth ( i was actually looking up at it and trying to eat the water), i started to see my shower curtain turn into flesh (it looked like the skin of the Necronomicon from Army Of Darkness), i got out. I then started to dry off, and decided my towel needed to get in my mouth. So i started chewing on it, and liked the softness in my mouth. I then realized i shouldn't do that and as if some one else was saying it, i said out loud "Stop It!". so i stopped chewing on the towel and got out of the shower. I then tried to go to sleep, but the darkness in my room depressed me. I decided to go watch tv. So, i get up and go to the living room and start browsing through tivo to see what i could watch. I ran across an episode of Cold Case. The episode was Boy in a Box or somethin like that. I suggest checking www.tvtome.com to get the episode description. Suffice it to say the episode was a very sad one about a kid getting killed and stuffed in a box. This mad me so sad, yet i had to watch the entire thing. That was about the end of my trip which slowed down enough for me to fall asleep at around 8am. There'sa lot more stuff that happened in between, but nothing as interesting :-D. Good times, good times.

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