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Easy Shroomer

I had just grown shrooms for the first time.

I had just grown shrooms for the first time. I had fasted all day, and when I arrived at my friend's dorm room, we each had one thought on our minds...break out the shrooms.

We each ate what I estimate to be about a quarter oz. each, washing it down with orange juice. This was our first batch, so we had no idea how potent our little fun-guy friends were. She had an upset stomach (they've never affected me that way), so we laid down on the floor and I put in some music and turned off the lights. After about thirty minutes I saw the cieling undulating as if it were molten lava. We stared in awe for a while and then sat up in her bed.

I popped in a tape of Teletubbies and we watched that. Niether of us had any idea what was going on, but to see all those beautiful bright colors was pleasing. After a bit, we turned it off.

About an hour into the trip we decided that we had had enough of being cooped up in the room and went for a walk. We climbed up a hill that is really no more than six feet high, but while we were up there, I thought for sure I had just climbed a mountain. I stood there looking around at the campus buildings. That's when we spotted the picnic table on the other end of campus. We chose to walk to it.

We made our way down the mountain, and I made sure not to step on any of the "little people" that I thought lived in the grass, which I thought were little trees. Our walk took forever, but was only about 400 yards. We reached our destination and immeadiatly turned around. As we walked back we noticed an old covered wagon. We climbed up into it and sat for a while, then went back to the dorm room.

Again we tired of being in the room and went outside, this time just to lay in the grass. As we stared up at the tree above us, both of us feared that it was reaching out to grab us. I was melting into the grass, becoming one with the earth. It took forever to break free from this incredibly pleasent feeling and go back to the room.

After we got back I felt my trip accelerate. I thought I had hit peak while outside. More than two hours into the trip I really started getting my peak. My friend laid up in her bed and I was on the floor. The heat was getting unbarable, so we both removed our clothes, and the rest of the night was spent nude.

Everything became confusing, and at times I wanted it to end, but I chose to really let myself go and enjoy the trip. I felt myself travel to all sorts of different places. I was standing on street corners in Boston, and it was raining. Next thing I know, I was back home with a friend watching TV. Events from my past were becoming the present. Then I was thrust into the movie "Easy Rider." I thought that I was in New Orleans, tripping in the graveyard with Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda.

That's when my friend got the idea to call our friend back home. I couldn't understand what she was saying. It took forever for my mind to process her speech into something I could comprehend. I picked up the phone but was absolutly incapable of dialing. My fingers wouldn't work.

I put on some pants and left for the restroom...I needed to pee, but I also wanted some breathing time in the light. I stood at the urinal and looked at my body. My chest, and stomach were waving and when I looked at my penis, it began to grow and shrink in rythym with the undulations of my chest.

After I got back, we wanted to go outside again. We put clothes on and snuck out into the hall. For some reason we were being very very quiet. We froze at the end of the hall, right next to the stairwell and listened. I heard voices. We looked at each other's gigantic pupils and dashed back to the room, euphorically laughing.

We got back to the room and crawled into bed. I talked with my friend, because both of us could finally comprehend english. She started to have incredible vivid visions and described them to me. The odd thing is, I knew everything that she was going to say before she said it. Then I began to get more intense memory visions, and we both began to cry.

Right then, it started to rain out side. Not a violent rain, but a very gentle cleansing rain, like in a soap commercial. I was convinced that my friend had caused the rain as a way of emotionally purifying me, and I wanted to cry and make it rain some more.

We laid there, still tripping but slowly coming down, with the most pleasing, relaxing feeling. It had been nine hours from start and I was ready to sleep.

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