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Earth Control

I decided one night to get mushrooms from a friend of mine.

I decided one night to get mushrooms from a friend of mine. Having eaten them a couple of times before, I thought that I would be able to eat by myself and be fine. So, I bought a fat quarter (some for that night and some for another.) I ate an eighth and smoked a J, but after an hour I thought that I had gotten ripped off. WRONG! Not 5 minutes after I smoked, I noticed that I could feel my fingers tingling and my eyesight was clear and wavering at the same time.
I decided to go sit on the waterfall that overlooked the highway. By this time I thought that the lights on the road would be fun to look at. When I got to the top of the waterfall, the moon was just cresting over the trees across the road from me. By this time, I was ballsing. I found out that I could move and manipulate the moon at my will. I made it shrink to a pinpoint and expand till it encompased the entire horizon. It fles and dipped through the sky like a kite in gale winds. While this was going on, I looked down and saw that cars were going incredibly slow and moved liked a slide show on Power Point. This could be explained by the fact that they were approximately ten feet off of the road.
At this point, my friends, who weren't tripping but were just high, came up to see me. They knew I was there because I had told them and it was our regular tripping point. They say, and I say it like that because I remember bits and pieces only, that I was underneath the waterfall, completely naked. I was splashing around and laughing hysterically. For some reason, I was convinced that I was part of this piece of nature, that if I left, it would cease to exist. So I stayed there all night, fell asleep at dawn on the rocks and awoke at about 2 in the afternoon. The trip didn't really last all that long, but was the most intenses visual experience I have ever had, off of mushrooms, acid, or any other hallucigan.

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