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Dunked in Donuts

I've spent some time reading trip reports on the Shroomery to gain perspective on my own (and only) shroom trip.

I've spent some time reading trip reports on the Shroomery to gain perspective on my own (and only) shroom trip. I'm also here to offer some advice to 1st time users (you've already made the right move by doing a little pre-boom research.)While my experience was an unqualified nightmare, shrooms are still strongly alluring to me...so many of my friends rave about them that there's got to something positive. Plus, reading the trip reports has helped a lot to know how I can do it better next time.

I'll get to the story in a second, but let me first provide some Monday morning quarterbacking. One major problem was that I probably took too much (3 fat, fresh caps and stems...nothing for the veterans out there, but a "newbie nuke" to me). Also, I dosed in two intervals, not all at once. (Details to follow). Finally, and perhaps most significantly, I may not have the best emotional makeup to trip on hallucinagens. I get stressed easily and tend to be a bit of a pessimist. Shrooms really accentuate and amplify your emotions. If you are a happy person, you're loving it. If you are depressed, or have just gone through a stressful experience, I wouldn't recommend it. You'll get in a mood, good or bad, and it becomes very hard to pull out of it. That's why I think they call it a "trip". Once you start boomin', you're on the bus baby, and you ain't gettin' off for a while. Trippin' is not for control freaks.

The pre-trip checklist looked premo. It was myself and another newbie (Jeff), and three totally experienced tour guides, Dan, Missy and Peter. (Awesome people..gentle, kind, funny...the kind of people you want to do this with). We picked Ground Zero (Missy's apt.), and laid out a shroom walk that would eventually take us to Peter's apartment that was closer to the city. Missy had packed a bag full of toys. After splitting up the bag, we chowed the fungus with the help of Mickey-D's. Everyone took all of their dose at once, but I, against the advice of the vets, took only half (two caps, one stem) because I wanted to test the waters.

"Here goes nothing" as I downed the piece of Quarter Pounder and looked at my watch. It was 3:00pm on the nose.

Trip Reports notwithstanding, there really wasn't any rank taste. In fact, I noticed nothing but the burger. We kicked back. A bone was passed around, but I declined, believing that the THC might complicate things. About 20 minutes into it, my stomach started to tingle and the bone-smoke that now filled the air took on a much more tangible quality. I got up and pretended to be an airplane buzzing around in the clouds. That elicited a small chuckle from the group and I sat back down. Although I felt a buzz coming on, "this is definitely not like being high" I thought to myself.

We went outside and walked about a quarter of a mile to a local park. We pulled out a football and threw it around. At first my accuracy was pretty good, and I was game for running some deep routes. It got harder to throw the ball, however, and I was beginning to feel like I was wearing stilts when I ran for a pass. The usual game of catch was looking more like the special olympics. My friends were running, then "tripping" then rolling on the ground hysterically. I suspected that they were now well under the influence, and I was still reasonably with it, so I said fuck it and chowed the 2nd half of my dose straight up. (Again, no rank after taste). It was now 3:50. Missy had said that the effects kick in in about an hour. Well, true to her word, I was feeling pretty funky about 50 minutes into it.

The 2nd half of the shrooms now on the books, I walked back to my friends who had congregated in a very close huddle. Dan, Missy and Peter were laughing, but Jeff, my fellow first timer, was looking a little bugged out. I suddenly felt a wave of vertigo hit me (much like the "spins") and I sat down. I felt like barfing, but new I wasn't going to. I rolled over and cupped my hands around the lid of my baseball hat and examined the grass. It wasn't melting or undulating or singing like I expected it would, but I was clearly able to see the photosynthesis taking place inside each blade. I caught a glimpse of the time: 4:00pm exactly. The bomb had dropped. I was officially tripping.

The instant I knew I was tripping, I knew I didn't like it. For the first 50 minutes, it came on gradually like a rainstorm, but then exploded like a hurricane literally one hour to the minute. The power was unreal. It was like some gremlin had opened a trapdoor in my head and then poured a bucket of psychotrophic juice on my fresh and tender cortex. That was just the beginning of my real problem, however....I had eaten the second dose only minutes earlier. Panic surged through my body. The last thing I wanted was to freak out in front of my buddies. As cool as they were, I still had my pride.

Jeff looked like he was having an equally tough go at it. He stood up and said in a quiet voice that he had to go to the bathroom. We suggested that he go the the Ground Round next to the park. Instead, he walked to the pitcher's mound of the baseball field right next to us and dropped 'trou in the effort to take a shit. Dan stopped him just in time and walked him over to the Ground Round. Funny, yes, but that was a 29 year old guy in grad school about to take a very public dump! Shrooms'll make you do some wacky stuff, so be prepared.

The trip got stronger and stronger. As each wave hit, I thought, "Okay, a new plateau, I can deal with this." But as soon as I acclimated, a new, stronger wave hit. I couldn't fucking believe it. Ego death, yes, but cool hallucinations, no. The whole group was tripping hard. Missy and Dan had the "weeps"...laughing so hard you start to cry uncontrollably. Dan was talking to some hot chicks he lived next to, but I was like, "there's no fucking way I'm talking to strangers in my condition."

Eventually we decided to head to Dan's apt., but we had to cross a major intersection to do so. That literally took us fifteen minutes. Everyone was too freaked out by the traffic to make a move. At one point, a girl got out of a car to ask us for directions. The five of us pointed in a completely different direction. In no mood to revel in the irony of the situation, I simply told her that we were in no condition to offer assistance. Looking bummed, she got back into the car (full of more hot chicks) and drove away.

On the way back, we stopped in a Dunkin Donuts. I went in the bathroom and honestly could not find my way out. The walls were rotating like the inside of a washing machine on spin cycle. (No dizzyness, however). It wasn't until a guy with a purple mohawk (not a hallucination...confirmed by others in my group) came in that I located the door and got out. We also stopped in a CVS where I found a $50 bill on the candy rack. Bonus!

Finally, we made it to Dan's apt., where we played with glowsticks and listened to some mellow tunes. If you are an audiophile, music really helps take the edge off. Thank god dan had a good selection. All the while, however, I felt isolated, not part of the group. This bummed me out more than anything else. They seemed to be having a great time. Even Jeff was gettting into it. But I was too overwhelmed by the unknown feelings and couldn't deal with them on the fly. That's why I say that certain people probably have an apptitude for for the effects of psislocybes. Others need to ease into it.

The trip started to taper off after about 6.5 hours. We smoked a bone and that helped too. So, in short, if it is your first time, don't overdo it. Start off slow. With this experience under my belt, I expect the next one'll be better. Either way, I'll try and keep you posted.

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