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Drunken reality

First a bit about myself.

First a bit about myself. This is my 1st trip report and I'm writing it because my experience was so amusing. I first tried shrooms around 7 years ago, I loved them and ate them probobly 20 times within the next 5 years,and all were bought from someone. Well, time passed and I guess I forgot about the mushrooms, only they didn't forget about me, recenty(2 -3 years after eating shrooms) I began having dreams of fields of wild mushrooms growing everywhere and of course in these dreams I picked and tripped off these shrooms. These dreams continued for many months until I looked into growing them, I read the normal info and ignored it thinking the whole thing was too complicated. Well, the dreams continued, I ordered the spores..soon after the mushrooms came ect. ect. Well these shrooms sat dried for roughly a week and a half, until... Me and some buddies went out around 10:00pm to a local bar to shoot some pool, we did some shots, drank some beers yadda, yadda and I got dropped off at home at 2:30 am, PLASTERED I walked into the house turned on the radio(You see where this is going?) and thought you know what I'm going to eat some shrooms(I had to be at work 9 hours later). So I got my bag of Thai Koh's took a nickle in one hand and a palm full of mushrooms in the other and thought that feels even.. So I'm chewing litereally a wad of mushrooms that I can't swallow, I spit it into my hand bite half of it swallow, chase with beer, then the other half..gulp.. I don't remember falling asleep but I sure as hell remember waking up, two and a half hours later I popped off the couch looked at the clock and thought what time is it? Whats going on? So I'm standing there scratching my head trying to understand the the clock while my body is being pulled from opposite corners(remember 2 years since a trip and I just ate between 4-6 grams) then it hits me, I ate shrooms.. oh my god, at this point I am awaken from a dead sleep and honestly can't understand the clock in front of me. So I sit on the couch, for two reasons one I can't keep my balance and 2 I can't figure out the time. I begin loosing reality for short periods of time but the time lost is growing longer, I turn on the TV and find the only thing slow enough for me to sort of understand is the weather channel(which I try to watch the rest of the trip) I start loosing my ego so much that when I can talk to myself I comfort myself by saying I'm back, thank god I'm back...Between launches out of self I do remember a loud almost freight train ,wha ,wah ,wha, ringing sound then, I was gone again. I am not sure how long this loss of self kept happening but I can say I spent most of the night riding a rollercaoster between the empty plane that occupies space and the place on earth that plays the weather channel. Before falling asleep from exhaustion I remember reganing my vision enough to see everything was extremely 3-dimensional and moving like my other trips. There are several morals to this story but I will give the most obvious. Drunks are freaking nuts!!!

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