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Drug Of Choice

This was my first time on shrooms.

This was my first time on shrooms. Well just to give you some background info, im a 14 year old male and i weigh around 110-115 lbs.. Just yesterday i called my friend (i'll call him K) around 2 p.m.,asking him about this really strong blotter(acid,LSD) that hit town recently which ive been having trouble getting ahold of. He said he was just at our dealer's joint and had an 8th of some dankies, 1 of the hits of acid, and a fat 8th of fungus(probably a little over an 8th, it was fat). He owed me a little bit of money so he said he'd hook me up with the fungus. When he got over to my house he had already dropped the acid (which let me remind you is really strong). We got in my room and i put the sack in my dresser and let him smoke a little bud (which sadly i couldnt enjoy with him because of probation). He got really disapointed when he heard i didnt want to eat the shrooms for a few hours and wouldnt be trippin with him, so i went ahead and gobbled them down. Alot of people i know complain about the taste of the little beuties, but i thought they tasted kind of good actually and had no problem gobbling them down. I had eaten the entire 8th and was playing Mario Sunshine. Having dropped the acid 45 minutes earlier he was beginning to trip. Now let me inform you that i anm very experienced with bud, have had quite a few trips on pure/syrup dxm, have had acid once and mescaline twice, and ive popped quite a few pills in my day. Okay, now that ive given you the scoop (which i apologize for making so long), lets get to the trip. My friend ''G'' had come over with ''K'' but was only stoned. After watching me gobble the beuties down, 'K' mentioned to 'G' that he didnt think i realized what i had just done. around 30 minutes later, i began getting this nervous sensation all over my body.. i wasnt nervous but it was alot like that body-feeling that you get when your really nervous because your about to get in trouble. I was kind of shaky and started laughing my ass off out of no where. I had only taken a small hit of 'K's grass and I was feeling really stoned (had to be the shrooms). I felt slightly drunk and warm and fuzzy. I noticed alot of the creative ideas you imagine when stoned almost coming into vision. As i was playing my video game, I noticed what looked like a family posing for a picture behind my TV. I mentioned to 'K' that my imagination began invading reality. He said something about shrooms bein pretty neat and that he was getting some nice kaleidoscopes on the walls. We then turned the game off after i showed him the nice mushroom villages of Mario and went into my living room. It was around 3:30 by now (we got out of school early, 'K' skipped lol). the visuals were almost fully present. I noticed tints of colours on objects that arent supposed to be there. We then returned to my room, 'G' turned on one of the rap stations on the radio to pick on one of our friends. We all got a kick out of it but the rap soon got to me and i turned the radio off. By now visuals were beocming present. I walked to the mirror a couple times to check out my eyes, they were pretty dilated. When i got back i noticed that pieces of lint/dirt/trash on the floor looked like they were crawling around and swirling and shit. It was pretty cool. 'K' said something about seeing a rat run across the floor (he was having a pretty good trip). I sat down in my chair and looked at my pants. My pants were green, but i was seeing waves of orange pixels moving all along them, it was awesome. I looked at 'K' and the flushes in his skin were moving around in paterns along his body. Some of the walls and furniture were different colors. Everything looked like it was slowly moving or sliding around the room. Me and 'K' sat there and stared at my ceiling for a while, the pattern on it was moving wildly. As i stared at it for a while i saw what looked like a clearing in a forest coming into focus but it was all contructed out of the white ceiling plaster. By now visuals were exteremely noticable. The designs on all of my Mom's rugs were moving and sliding and changing into all sorts of crazy paterns. She has some paintings on the wall as well, i think their pretty lame because their just a bunch of clors all smeared around, but the colors were all moving and stirring up and all that. I was having a great time. I mentioned to 'K' that i felt so good. And i really did... it was probably the greatest time of my life. We went into our family room and got on the computer, we began to listen to some Aphex Twin tunes, there was something wrong though, you would expect acid jazz to be pretty trippy on psychadelics but it just wasnt working, 'K' soon turned on Nirvana and everything was back to work. The lines in the wooden floor in the room to the left were moving and swaying like waves. Pretty cool shit. Soon my brother came home who really would have no idea what was up, but we all went to my room anyways. When we got in there we started talking in our acid jive which we usually do anyways, saying shit like ''Your melting man'', ''Im going plastic dude'', ''Dont go rhombus man'', ''Stay square'', just fuckin around as usually. We were having a great time. Everything was moving around and warping a little. My Dad called and said he was going to bring pizza home in about an hour. 'K' got kind of paranoid and started intructing me on how to behave, although my dad never knows whats up. He pretty much just told me that when he tries to talk to me he's going to be doin some crazy shit and to just stay cool. I knew i could handle it. About 30 minutes later, 'K' decided to go home anyways, the fact that my Dad was coming home might of made him a little paranoid but i think he was just hungry. By the time my Dad came home with pizza i still hadnt peaked, it was about 4 or 4:30. I walked into the kitchen and tried not to make eye contact. I grabbed some pizza and walked out of the room. As i left the room i noticed my dog was looking all tripped out. He's a white dog but the shrooms made his hair look all spiked up kind of like an anime character.. he looked really fucking cool, his hair had lavendar, hot pink, and yellow shadows in it too. I'm tellin ya, that dog looked pretty fuckin cool. So then my Dad and my brother decided to go visit my other brother in the hospitol who's pretty sick, they didnt invite me for some reason.. but i wouldnt of made it the whole way without someone knowing what was up. So when they left one of my friends ('J') called asking for 'K' and 'G'. I told him they left. He didnt believe me and asked a few more times until he finally believed me. He's a stoner as well and knew i was pretty fucked up. I was trippin pretty hard and kept hanging up the phone for some reason. I wasnt mad at him but i just kept hanging up, he then asked me if it was fungus, and i responded with a ''yea''. We then got off the phone and my other friend ''L'' called. I started peaking while on the phone with him. I got really confused.. felt kind of worn out.. didnt feel right. I kept asking him ''whats going on'' like every 2 minutes. After a long discussion about how cool shrooms were i started to forget who i was, and what i was. It was cool as i think of it now, but then i was really confused and getting impatient. After i got off the phone with him I started getting some of the best visuals ever. I was seeing kaleidoscopes of colors all over the place.. everything looked really colorful and there were paterns inside of kaleidoscopes moving all over in their own paterns on the walls and carpets and floors. It's hard to describe but it was really pretty. A couple people called and i tried to communicate as best as possible but i know i sounded like a drunken bastard. I htink i went unconcious for a few minutes because i kind of snapped into reality for a sec and i was on the phone with 'K's Mom chewing me out about how i better not rat on him if i got caught.. she was being real wierd.. it musta just been me trippin my ass of, but i told her i was sorry for getting her upset and i talked to 'K' for a few minutes. He told me i needed to stop freakin out, which i guess i might of been freakin, but i think i was just overly excited. I told him to just let me shut up before i went to far and got off the phone. I started realizing what was going on after a nice 2 hour peak. For about 3 more hours i sat around enjoying the beutiful visuals and the buzz. While coming down i did feel really sad that the feeling/rush was going away but i had enjoyed myself and had alot of fun. By 8 PM i was completely done tripping but had a few slight visual effects. There were alot more visuals that i have trouble rememberring or forgot to put in here but i reccommend shrooms to absolutely anybody and everybody. Especially the stoners the mushroom brings your buzz to life and leaves you feeling great and refreshed. I decided to call this a level 4 trip cause it sounds most appropriate... It was a killer experience which i know im gonna repeat hundreds of times.. im even planning on getting a growing kit for some cheaper shrooms that i can grow withmy own tender love and care . I NEED MORE SHROOMS. Peace everybody, hope this report encourages you to try mushrooms. Their great

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