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I had tried shrooms once before, but I had thrown up right after eating them, not because of the taste, but because I was so nervous about the whole situation.

I had tried shrooms once before, but I had thrown up right after eating them, not because of the taste, but because I was so nervous about the whole situation. However, I enjoyed my first experience immensly, mild as it was.

So, the second time I did shrooms I decided to do more. My friend had come up to visit me in college for the weekend, and had brought up a bag of shrooms. They weren't in their natural form, however. He told me that he and the guy he had gotten them from put them in a coffee grinder and then transfered the powder into capsules. He brought 14 of these rather large capsules up, he said that seven each would be just right.

We waited for the sun to go down, and then both ate our seven pills. We then went for a walk around campus and waited for the effects to set in. I was not nervous at all, and was not surprised to find myself laughing hysterically at both people and other stimuli.

We stopped at a fountain, and while my friend relaxed and glared at the water, I decided to look for a vending machine to get something to drink. I couldnt find any vending machines, but there was one of those machines where you put in money and it fills your jug up with water. I had some change, so I put my money in and held my head under the flowing water. I was laughing so hard I could barely breath. I told my friend about my discovery, and we spent about five minutes pumping in quarters and soaking ourselves.

We decided to go back to my dorm for a while. This was the worst decision we made that night. My friend went into my room and laid on my bed, while I decided to visit my neighbors. I went into a girl's room who lived next to me. There were about 5 other people in the room, and it took about all of the will power I have to not bust out laughing at all of them. I was feeling good, and loving the time I was having. She had lots of art on her walls, which I found fascinating to look at, as it moved and flucuated in ways to emphasize its beauty.

I realized that I was getting nothing but wierd ass looks, so I left the room and decided to see what my friend and roommate were up to. My friend didnt look like he was in too good of shape, but he seemed alright. It was his second time shrooming as well. At this point we were only about an hour into it, and the whole world around me was vibrating and breathing with spurts of reds and oranges all around. I could hear the light traveling through the air, or at least I thought I could. Everything was great.

I started to notice that I truly had no fucking clue what was going on. I knew that I was in my room, and that everyones faces were moving in and out, and their hair would crawl onto their faces and then retreat back. It was good, but things started to get really scary. Like acid, the walls and ceiling were breathing in and out in a beautiful harmony.

I then got a phone call from a good friend of mine that I hadn't spoken with in quite a while. It was fun to talk at first, but the phone call was an unpleasant slap back into the world of the real, which I did not need. After I hung up the phone, I was in tears. I felt like my entire existence was melting away in front of me. I was sure I was going to die. All of a sudden, my dreams from the past few weeks crept up on me. It was a feeling of extreme de ja vu, but more than that. I knew exactly what memories were coming back to me, and reality seemed no more real than an elaborate nightmare. I was tripping balls.

My friend and I decided to go back outside. After a breif discussion, I realized that he was having a trip similar to the one I was. He was scared out of his mind, and we both wished that the effects would end. He wasn't comfortable outside, and wished to go back into my dorm room. I wanted to make him happy, knowing that I was doing better than him, so we went back up.

At that point, our trips were supposed to be the most intense, but for the both of us, it stopped completely. It didnt wear off, dont get me wrong. It was literally like I was tripping nuts one minute, and then sober the next. It wasn't sober though. My friend says it was, but I, being a much more perceptive guy, knew that it was just an altered state of reality. Our minds convinced us that what we were seeing was normal, but it was far from that. People looked like they were walking around with shrunken heads, and colors seemed to echo out into thin air. But it was not the same as it had been before. It was super sobriety. We had both calmed down and lost our sense of panic, and decided to spend the night drinking beer with some guys in my dorm. We had a peaceful rest of the night, with artifial conversations and artificial emotions.

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