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I had a small amount of some really potent mushrooms to dispose of at will. I smoked some nice afgani with some friends all night and after they all left to go to their respective homes i pulled them out and munched them slowly with orange juice. I gram and a half. I didn't feel anything for about and hour, which worried me because usually i feel them within 10-25 minutes of swallowing them. I got tired of waiting and decided to smoke some poppers in my room. After about 4 poppers i noticed i was feeling a little different. Having thoughts that were too abstract for just weed. They climbed steadily for another hour. I was getting some nice visuals in my room, the carpet was crawling all over itself and the patters of light and shadow cast on the walls were costanly morphing into intriguingly detailed patterns. I was listening to some Wizzy noise (psytrance) and delving deep into my mind. At first i was just listening to the music and thinking about how they have made each acid line, bass line, drum loop, and synth sweep, i began to understand it, and soon i was thinking about hundreds of things at the same time and completley undestanding them all. I felt as if i had unlocked some sort of inner knowledge. I already knew all these things and insights somewere inside me the mushroom just allowed me to access them. It was similar to other trips i've had, though at a much lower dose.
The body buzz felt alot similar to that of a moderate dose of mdma. After the trip leveled out i ventured outside. I walked all over my town. Down the main street admiring the simple beauty of the old buildings. To the edge of the quary to stare out over a pool of shimmering black water. I laid in a field and contenly watched the stars draw geometric patterns in the sky just for me. I stood on the middle off a long walking bridge and smoked a joint of afgani while looking out over a waterfall with the lights of the downtown visable a ways down the river, and the water rushing beneeth me. I stood on a bluff overlooking the river and smoked a couple cigarttes while fish were jumping every five seconds sending out ripples that gleamed in the moonlight. Everything was beautiful. I felt at peace, with myself, and with nature. The euphoria i felt was incredible.
After basking in the glory of nature for a couple of hours i decided to walk home and finish off my trip listening to music and smoking weed. Which i did. In fact i smoked myself to sleep.
Definaltey the best trip i've ever had of 1.5 gs.
I am left in awe of the mushroom once again.

I wish you many safe and meaningful trips.

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