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driving in dinoland

noe night i went to my friends house and he was boiling up some shroom tea obtained from a local field.

noe night i went to my friends house and he was boiling up some shroom tea obtained from a local field. Ther was a large pot on the stove overflowing with shrooms. There were so many in it that they had to be constantly mashed down to fit inside the pot. This yielded three 32oz glasses of tea with a consistency of maple syrup. I quickly drank down half a glass and left 5 minutes or so thereafter to go to the gasstation. I was already feeling a bit dizzy when I walked out the door.

When I arrived at the station I began to pump the gas. As I watched the numbers on the pump rolling they suddenly rolled off of the pump and vanished into the air. The pump then preceeded to shake and then it shot away from me for about a hundred feet, and came rushing back.

At that point I looked at the ground and saw the pattern that I normally see while on shrooms, but there was just the one part. Then the pattern exploded and covered the entire ground instantly. The cement no longer existed, there was just the pattern.

My friend then came back from inside the station and we got in my car, Iwas driving, and we pulled away. We got about two miles down the road and I could no longer drive. The road was crossing in an x pattern about a hundred yards in front of me. There were comets of light of various colors shooting in all directions. I pulled into a parking lot and told my friend to drive. He wasn't on the shrooms. As soon as we took of again the road suddenly burst into several layers that we rising and falling like an accordian. I was glad that I was no longer driving. My heart began pounding furiously and I was sweating profusely. There are still fingernail marks in my dashboard to this day. I remember thinking that I should be afraid because it felt like I wa going to die, but I was just too rapped up in what I was seeing.

As i looked out my window, all of the trees melted and ceased to become trees. They had all turned into dinosaurs with glowing green eyes. They would look down at me as we drve by, and some even tried to bite the car. the whole world had become jurassic park!

The next thing I remember was sitting in my car in another friends front yard. My friend that had been driving had gone to see if anyone was there. It seemed like he was gone for hours, during which time I ws staring at a line of trees across the street from me. the trees suddenly turned into an army of aliens, the typical green skinny, humanoid type with the really big eyes. Behind these was a glowing green ball floating in the woods. This seemed to be calling me. It was telling me to come out into the woods where it was at. This frankly scared the shit out of me and i merely curled up in a fetal posistion and watched it bouncing around in the woods behind its army of aliens.

Soon there after my friend returned and we went back to the house where I had gotten the tea. The guy who made it was no longer there, but I was told he drank the other half of the glass and anothe one and spent the night in the corner rocking back and forth saying nothing.

Well overall it was a good exerience, a little too intense, physically, but worth it. This is just a warning to those of you who wouldn't handle there entire world disappearing too well, use this sacrament in moderation please

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