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Driven' that Train.


Ok... A little backround about my tripping experience before I get to my account, skip if you must. I had done acid about 4 times, all times getting minor visuals oev and cev and collecting some good memories before this last trip, which would be my first on the psilly caps.

I got about 1/8 of cubensies from the hookup, prolly was a little under-the guys an asshole, and picked up a tenstrip for my friend (it was his money) I started eating the mushrooms around 6:00 PM at the local park with my friend B (he already purchased his bag earlier in the day) We didn't know how long it would take for them to kick in, I thought it would be about 30 minutes or so since I only ate 1/2 the bag. We soon got bored and anxious and subsequently decided to take some acid (In hindsight this shit was killer!!) He cut off two doses for me and 2 for himself. To mask the taste of the dose I ate the rest of my mushrooms with it 38*)= well now, I started to get that tell tale speedy feeling on the walk back to my house from the park, I couldn't stop talking, nor could B for I think his shrooms were kicking in also... (it had been about 40 minutes since we had eaten the shrooms) Back at my house, things started to get weird. I stepped in the door and was met by a terrible glare from my mom, later on B said she wasn't staring at me but at him (my mom doesn't like B much) The glare wasn't all that odd, but the way her face looked, man! all morphed with layers of pink plastic on it, weird. We proceeded up to my room to cut off acouple more doses but ended up just splitting the rest. At this point I had 1/8 oz of cubs in my belly along with 5 doses... of the good shit mind you.

I remember beeing totally mezmerized by the brilliant patterns in B's shirt. It would start out right at my focusing point on his shirt, then as I continued to stare at it, the pattern would quickly fill his hole shirt. Right about this time we both started to get these neon purple outlines over our bodies, too cool.

To pass the dead time until dinner, B and I played OO7 on the 64, oh man, I remember getting so into it, whenever I killed him I would practically burst with the ego boost and same with him. Loosing was another story... With our vastly distorted sense of time at the time, the 5 minute games turned into epic wars, every shot-a shot fired in the civil war. And when the south lost, damn, it was almost unbearable (not literally when the confederates lost) It took so much out of you. By the way, we played video games for about 2 hours and durring that whole time, the experience kept growing stronger and stronger, just when I thought I was climaxing, the trip would take a turn for the weirder. For instance-One time durring the game playing, I saw my friends face instead of Bonds on one of the characters in the game, I saw this right after I let the gernade fly and was immediatly horrified. I had just killed my friend! I really believed this for about a split second-which was about 5 in my state until I turned and saw B in shock of his current status on the screen. Then his face turned into James Bond's he turned to me and said in a thick caughtney accent: "damn" I laughed my ass off.

The war was breached on a mutual level when the status of the dinner was confirmed to be "ready" Tacos tonight.

The sight of these things while trippen was awful. They looked like they were filled with shit (hamburger) and Goat cum (cheese) I felt sorry for the letace, onions and tomatos because I thought they didn't belong in the same taco shell with the abominable shit and cum. I honestly felt sorry for the crunchies... until I became the ultimate hypocrite and gulped the whole mess down... Let the stomach deal with it :) Halfway through dinner I heard the word lipshits (it was off of the cartoon "rugrats") and immediatly cracked up, B followed in about 2 seconds, I sympathise with him, you half to excercise some restraint at a dinner table not your own.

After dinner B left for his house and I was left to fend off my brain in the seclusion of my room. At the time I had been tripping for close to 4 hours. My room was simply swimming-too nausiating to view with the open eye. So I made the mistake of challenging my ego by closing my eyes and just flowing. Bad Idea. I immediatly visualized my train of thought crashing like A huge locomotive... after this I could not think in a linear and logical fashion... of course. While I was struggling with retaining my sanity, the audio halucinations set in-too much. The only way I can describe these sounds, and in no way will I come close to the reality of it, was the somewhat metallic noise of green water falling into a pool of darkness in a cave. Over and over again mind you. Each the stroke of each sound in my ears sent my ego into a greater and greater fortified defense. If I would have only let it flow, It probably would have been awesome. I tried to read to get my "mind off my mind" and to break the loop my mind was going in. Yet another bad idea. I chose some simple material: Calvin and Hobbes. I only got through about 2 pages. Every character represented this evil premeditated cynicalness, and I could not stand it. At this point I think I reached my peak. I set down the book and tried to cry, anything resembling a human amotion at the time would have comeforted me. It came out as laughter, this fucked with me, flat out fucked I was. I was basically insane, curled up in the fetal position for close to 3 hours with my eyes closed and my teeth a grinden' away. Every once in a while I would glance at my alarm clock, didn't matter though, time had no meaning.

I eventually drifted into a fitfull sleep, at least I think it was fitfull, don't see how it could be pleasant in the least. My subconcious got some rounds with the dose of caps and Cid after my concious got TKO'd, emphasise on the "technical" It couldn't have faired well because upon waking the next morning, I felt like shit. I was still trippen for about 2 hours into my day... Almost broke down in my physical science class. the next day however, I felt fine and was left with the HUGE task of peicing together the meaningness of the trip, still havent finished. (P.S. Try reading a colored comics page while listening to the Beasty Boys, its funny as hell, especially Max Mouse ;)

Hope ya's liked it


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