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Dream World

I started out in my room with 3 other friends.

I started out in my room with 3 other friends...I had red xmas lights on one half of the room, and 3 black lights on the other so that the two colors meet in the middle of the celing. I had a mirror running along the side of my bed, and when my friends looked over I was writing in one of our pledges books upside down and backwards in the mirror. I gave the book to my friend and told him to try, so he wrote something in it and quickly lost interest and put it down. I then unplugged the red lights, and the moisture on my hands caused me to be mildly electricuted, along with my friend who was trying to take the lights down at the same time. we sat for a while, and then somehow got into saying how it was scary how much alike we were. he then told me he could read my mind, and i was like ok. he told me to say something random so i said "this page is blue." He began screaming, and ran to the pledge book, opened it to the last page and held it up to the mirror where ten minutes earlier he had written "this page is blue." It was wiggin me out, so i sat back on my bed in the blue room, and everything looked like it was frozen...like it was encased in ice. I could see the frost on people's breath, and their faces were bending. We decided we were cramped up in that room, and went to the massive downstairs of the fraternity house. We started to play ping-pong, and I've never played that badass in my life. We went outside to smoke a cigarette, and I realized I couldnt see anything past the fence. After that it was just pure darkness with no cars or buildings...no nothing. I felt like I was in a dream that I could control myself in. It was like one of those dreams where ur in your house, but it's not really your house...only we were actually in my house. It's very difficult to explain what it felt like once we peaked, but I think i've decided that the dream feeling is what i try to get to now. I've never been there since then, but I've only done mushrooms 5 times, and it's been a good month...so we'll c i guess.

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