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dr. suess or something

Ok it was my first time trying shrooms.

Ok it was my first time trying shrooms. I have always had a dying want to try them. I had a group of friends try them in front of me once and they said it was just like a good high. they each had bout 2.5 grams.

so the next time shrooms came round i decided to try them. i only planned on trying them once so i wanted to trip balls and see shit. BOY DID I.

I got 5 grams of these shrooms that looked a little wierd to me b cause i have only seen them once and these ones were kinda red.

well me and two of my friends went back to my house to take them. they each got 1/8. when we went to take them i decided to dip them into ranch b cause it sounded good. we took them all at once. I decided not to smoke pot b cause i wanted a pure mushroom trip. we sat there watching tv for about 45 min.

then the shit started happening. We were watching small soldiers b cause my friend thought it would help our trip. I was just sitting there and i started to hear right left right right right left right and i looked over next to me where there was a doorway and there were those little green plastic army men. There were rows of them there had to at least b 2 thousand of them. they all got in front of me and one of them yelled fire.

i could feel every bullet hit me and it felt like someone was poking me with a tingly ticklish needle. then they all just disappeared and i was like wtf. and me and my friends decided to go out to a party b cause it was like 10 at night now.

we got into my friends car and started driving. i was sitting in the back. Then all of a sudden i was like holy shit and my friend was like fuck dude rats. In the distance me and my friend both could see rats comming. They went across the whole entire road and there were thousands of them. were started laughing our ass off and screaming hit them hit them! and at this point the kid driving hasnt said a word yet and then all of a sudden he started swerving really hard and then stopped. he was like did u see that giraffe. and when we looked back there was a tree with a branch looking like a giraffe neck and head.

when we got to the party i was just sitting on the couch. and all the colors were like ferescent(prolly spelled wrong) and the furniture was all wierd shaped and the windows were no were near even. then the girls cat was like do u like pussy? and i was like yea. then i started having a conversation with the cat about pussy and perverted things. they cat was on my lap as i was talking to it. then the cat told me it had to go take a shit and got off my lap. by then i was thirsty so i went to get up and det a drink. then when i stood up i heard a guy scream. i started to look around and people started to laught at me. then i looked down and i had a boner and my dick was like move me this position hurts. It was so fucked up having a dick that can talk to u. so i shifted it and left the room.

as i entered the other room the cat was in its litter box crappin and i got one of my friends and was like i am freaking out here i need to leave. so we went to get our other friend(the other one on shrooms). it took like a half an hr to find him. and when we did he was butt naked sleeping outside inside a dog house in the nieghbors yard. it was funny b cause the dog was sleeping on the outside waiting for him to move. so we grabbed him and left the party. when we got back to my house we went to bed. the whole time i was trying to sleep all i could do it think about my life and a bunch of wierd shit.

it was a crazy night and the most fun i have ever had but i will never do that again

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