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double dose

I have been looking for a good bag of mushrooms for quite sometime.

I have been looking for a good bag of mushrooms for quite sometime. The very first time i took shrooms was really the only other time i got hallucinations besides this one. All the other times i jus felt good and started talking crazy jibberish. So on my first trip my friend R (didnt dose) turned into the keebler elf. He kept asking me for the keys but i thought he kept asking if i wanted a cookie (you know how the keebler elf makes cookies?) and eventually we got in my car after i sat outside this party tripping on the bush melting for liek an hour. SO we get in the car and i see grass growing al lover the seats. It was crazy. ME and my good friend A were the only ones tripping out - the only reason we left the party was cuz my other friend N was having a bad trip and crying and shit so we had to tak him home. So i was determined to find some good shrooms that would make me hallucinate this time. Everytime somebody promises to get shrooms they always 'sell their last sack the other night' - im sure most of you are familiar with this. anyway... i was looking around real hard the past couple of weeks cuz school starts next week. So i found out that my best friends brothers friends is like the biggest drug lord you will ever meet - so i ask him if he can get shrooms and he goes ya gimme a ride somewhere and i'll hook it up with an ounce and a half for 110 ! thats some good shit seeming as these're damn good shrooms. So we take him to his friends apartment and he comes out with the bag full of shrooms. We decide to dose that friday. Friday comes along and we're all really pumped for the trip. So my friend j's mom is outta town and we thought itd be damn kool to throw a party at his empty apartment. So we call up our friends -a,r,g,and m. Now stay with me this may get confusing. So R decide he wants to go to a movie instead of shrooming out (dont ask me why) so he bitches out on us. So its' jus me and j and a and g and m. Now G and R are dateing. So R is pissed that G didnt go to the movie with him and instead came to shroom with us - and G is pissed that R is pissed cuz they're not even really b/f g/f. Now that we have that covered (that was some-what relevant to the story) - we decide to take the shrooms at 9 30. G eats 4 stem - and me and a and j make o.j. shroom shakes. We make 2 - each with 2 large caps and 4 stems and 2 of these white/blue chuncks we got. So we're drinkin along and we go outside to smoke a bowl or 2. SO we're walking to my car and A starts screaming "bro the quick-sand the quick-sand its got me!! help me out bro help me out!!! so i have to grab him and walk him off the asphault ("quicksand"). SO i leave him in the grass and go smoke a bowl with j and g. We walk inside and A is still freakin out about the quicksand. We go inside and Agoes bro - check out the bathroom its trippy - so we go in and turn on the air conditioner and its like completely silent in there - like space or something - so we're tripping out pretending we're astronauts without gravity - and i kept making those sounds like ona cb radio you know? crsh - this is alpha star - crsh - there seems to be no signs of life onthis planet -crsh - out - crsh - and i went over to this spunge thing and said - crsh there seems to be life here after all -crsh - they seem to be sponge-liek - crsh and all the while A is fuckin cracking up and cant stop. But then we leave and i totally forgot where i was after i walked out of the bathroom. I was tripping out so sick i thought i was in space and when it was dark and i looked outside that trippe d me out even more. so we go and sit and watch tv. so as we're sitting there its about 10:15 - i look over and i can completely see thro a's head! im like tripping out its funny as fuck tho. SO i decide to go outside cuz this is tripping me out. All this time j is freaking out telling us to be quiet cuz hes not supposed to be at the apartment and he doesnt want complaints. So i walk outside and look out and theres a goddamn party going on at the pool. IT's 10 30 and we're sitting inside with the lights off watching tv trying to be all quiet - and there's a party outside. SO because its a porch its like outlined with a stuck-o wall (kind of a small area) and im tripping out talking to g (she's sitting down and im sitting and the wall) and the people at the pool start like yelling and talking to me. I couldnt tell if they were hitting on me or what but they looked pretty hot. So im sitting there and i realize -they cant see g - they're yelling and making fun of me cuz they think im talkin to myself - and g thinks this is fuckin hilarious and wont stand up - im quite angry. So i start trippin out and the patio starts breathing it was fuckin kool. G's talking on the phone to R but im sitting there watching the walls pulsate and the tress melt. Then i put my hand up against the stuck-o wall and it looked like it had stuck-o on my hand! it was crazy. I went inside and put my hand on the wooden table and my hand turned to the wooden pattern it was crazy. I went back outside and g still wouldnt stand up - so i sat and smoked a few cigarettes. at this time im wonderin where the fuck m is. So i go inside and call m and she's at this chicks house and they decide they dont wanan go out. SO i go back outside. A and J think they're sober enuff to drive ( this is around the peak of our trip) so we go alright guys you go drive around and if yer still in one peice when you get back we'll go down to the park (we always go down and smoke at this one park). SO while they're cruising me and g are tripping on these wu-tang cd's she bought. They're like burnt but they're really professional so we start tripping out on maybe they're like made in method mans basement or something.And then a and j show up again a half hour later. And they're fine. But g gaurantees she is much more sober so she drives us to another park in her car (we go to the rapeing fields - jus another park we smoke at alot). ANd we get there about 11 30 or so. And we smoke like 4 bowls out of the new pipe i bought. So we sit at the park til about 1 in the morning and decide we should jus cruise around.so we're cruising and i find i have a quarter of shrooms in my pocket. So we all re-dose again and head home. When we get there we are all supremely fucked and jus watch mtv 2 all night. We kept saying how if the next video sucked we were gonna turn it off - but we never did. My dad was making me come home at 5 30 in the morning to babysit my younger siblings so me and j and g stayed up all night watching tv while a decided to sleep (he took a good 5-6 grams that night and was tripping out like shit) so we jus watched mtv 2 until i had to go home. So i drove home at 5 in the morning. ANd when i get there i go in my room and there's all kinds of kids on my bed. Im like wtf i must be hallucinating - and i didnt wanna ask my dad cuz what if i was jus trippin out - so i jus go and sleep on the couch. SO i wake up in the morning and i guess those kids were real - my brother had a football team sleep over or something. It was crazy. I woke up feeling damn good and i look forward to my next trip - which is planned for this saturday - ill let you all know about it. thanks for reading this long-ass story - x - turmoil21x@aol.com

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