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Dosed before going to class

Just to quickly familiarize you with the situation, the previous evening i'd been informed by (a good friend) J that he had some mean mushrooms.

Just to quickly familiarize you with the situation, the previous evening i'd been informed by (a good friend) J that he had some mean mushrooms. I stopped by his house late that evening, we conversed, smoked some weed and cut a deal. I was to arrive early the next morning to weigh and then ingest it.
Its an early January morning, I awoke at 730am, left my house by 755am. I had class at 830am, so i must arrive, smoke and ingest the mushrooms before 815am. Try to keep myself on some sort of schedule, remind myself i'm going to highschool ripped out of my mind. I arrive, we smoke, i recieve the mushrooms and procceed to leave upstairs. I steal a glass of OJ on the way out and enter my car. Its 811am, right on schedule, i arrive at 817am and park in the way back. I turn off the car, pull out the bag, toss all 3.8 dry-grams down.
Now in January in Minnesota its cold, i'm not talking opening your refrigerator and getting nippy either. I make sure everything is in order and head for the front doors. I'm inside, before i can even start on my way i run into an old friend. She was a fountain of conversation, i tried to keep up with her for awhile, but it proved pointless. The time is now 827am, less than ten minutes or so before ingestion. I stop her in the middle of her ramblings and laugh at her. Was i starting to feel goofy this soon? I believe it was the weed i smoked, but soon i'd find out.
I arrived at class at 830am, funny feelings seemed to have faded. I take my seat with the rest of students, I immediately start feeling light-headed. Acouple of my friends in the class are staring at me, I blink my eyes and everything goes white. I started sweating profusely, I couldnt make out what was happening but knew it was very bad. As I opened my eyes everything very slowly started to fade back, kinda like when you get up to fast and your vision goes black with those little sparkely things. My teacher stood up at this point and asked me if i was feeling alright. I gained my composer as my friends asked if i was okay, i decided to leave to the bathroom.
As soon as i get up i suddenly feel back to normal again, i relax as i pace down the hall-way trying to explain to myself what just happened. Was i ready for this strong of a trip at school? I decided i was. I washed my face off in the bathroom and left for the computer lab. I had also decided class was to much work at this point and i didnt want to worry myself anymore. I take a seat in the school's computer lab, trying to cope with the obvious intense trip about to come. Almost as soon as i was feeling good it was back again, i started sweating horribly at this point, i couldnt control it. It started to scare me severely, i immediately went back to the bathroom. Trying to control myself i decided to the cafeteria for some early breakfast, maybe i could force down some food....hopefully get over this little hump.
Well, this idea sucked, it proved to put me in a terrible mood. I ended up sitting there for an hour, until Leigh (school friend, we can use first name) came to my aide. At first she didnt realize that i was twisted, i didn't even have to say anything, within 5 minutes she knew. I told her, finally, the worst was over and now the hallucinations were about to start. She grew very excited, she was very adament about helping me around...haha
my luck had it that we had our next class together, although it was one of the worst classes i could be in......math
Time is now somewhere around 1015am, this always tends to happen on hallucinogens, time is meaningless eventually. So Leigh helps me out of the cafeteria, as soon as i leave the hallucinations are everywhere. The whole hallway, with the patternered carpet, same painted-walls, and drinking fountains began to swirl. It all seemed to move together to the same beat, all the students in the hallway seemed lively like some cartoon. Most everything i tried focusing on was severely distorted, moving all over the place. We continued heading to math class, we arrived just as it had begun. We took our seats, one of the last things i remember before everything immersed me was Leigh flashing me a big smile. That seemed to relax the rest of me that was anxious, the whole roomed ballooned then shrank in-ward. Voices were long, distorted, like some kind of horrible old record player with a bad needle. For the next 50minutes of class, up until 1105am i was in my own little world. The teacher never called on me, i couldnt have responded, for quite awhile i was lost while in that class.
Well to get on with it, Leigh and i left class early. I ended up meeting with a few more friends, leaving and smoking some more weed. Everything was wonderful, faces were animated, smoked seemed to swirl at me. The trees, snow, and blue sky were amazing. They seemed so colorful, shiny and bright it was going to set my retinas on fire. At this point I'm skipping around every where, the hallucinations over the next three hours were so intense. Hard to comprehend in words, i remember trying to eat something like bread and meat. Later i found out it was a hamburger, i was sure at that time it was extremely bad for me. The more weed we ended up smoking the longer and higher i seemed to be getting.
Anyways, we arrive back at school with a little bad noise but nothing a few hooligans cant get out of. We sneak back in school around 1245am, i have two more classes then im free. I skip the first one, settling in with some friends in the cafeteria for about 30mins. I didn't tell anyone, accept for Leigh that i was on shrooms. So conversation at times seemed impossible, couldn't spit even spit out of my mouth. After this madness, i left for the library where i would continue skipping class until the next. In the library i found some better company, more relaxed bunch. We talked about school, friends, parties, ect. same old-same old.
It was time for my last class, the time 155pm, lucky for me its film studies. I remember arriving late, leaving early, and sitting...remembering how great of a day it had been.
p.s. sorry for jumping around, i wouldnt recommended this for 95% of people, people just wouldnt consider it a comfortabl thing to do.
i on the other hand am different.

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