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Dont understand what happend..

This is me and my friends 2nd time doing shrooms and the first time we both did a half 8th.

This is me and my friends 2nd time doing shrooms and the first time we both did a half 8th.. now we are doing a full 8th each..we are 2 17 year old guys.. im about 5'11 190.. and my freinds 5'11 150lb..

We got ready.. and everything and by approx. 11pm we fully ingested our shrooms.

at 11:05 we left my house and walked to our nearby highschool to smoke some of the finest bud on the football field and just lay there and experience nature. So after we smoke the trip is going amazing.. ive never felt better in my life.. but now its time to walk back home and enjoy the surroundings as we walked back.

by 1145 we were right near a main street when we heard a group of people walking.. we didnt want to get into a confrentation wtih anyone so we turned back and walked the other way.. but then we realzied fuck it.. and walked back.. so as we make it to this bike path.. i hear a car stop behind us.. and start flashing thier lights at us.. yelling YOO COME BACK.. YO COME OVER HERE.. we just kept walking..but at this point me n my friend were the most fucked up weve ever been in our life... then we saw it sped off and go down a street that would cut us off on the other end of the bikepath.. so we turned around and ran as fast as we could down this street.. then my friend was like yo its a cop.. n i threw the little bit of trees we had left in a dimbag somehwere dont remmber.. then we end up walkng back that way after like 10 minutes.. we finally get to my street and we hear a car coming down the road..its 1230 at night mind you .. n we kept saying to each other.. dont stop .. please dont stop.. but as luck turns out.. hes slows down.. the funny thing is tho i was tripping so hard i couldnt get a visual of the guy or the car.. but we slowed down.. then drove off..

we made it to my house safe.. sat on our couch and from then on we just tripped for like 3-4 hours.. it was awsome.. its just that part about the car and shit.. i dont know if it was real.. i remmber it happening.. but i cant remmber myself actually doing those things.. its crazy.. but overall it was scary as fuck.. i thought we were gonna get in a lot of trouble.. but ends up it was nohting.. good trip//bad for a sec..

also we realized its impossible to have a bad trip.. ive never been so lifted in my life last night.. nothing could have made me see bad shit.. or feel bad..

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