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Dont Ever Sleep

Don't Ever Try to Sleep A little while back me and my nextdoor neighbor tried shrooms, and it was scary as f@ck.

Don't Ever Try to Sleep

A little while back me and my nextdoor neighbor tried shrooms, and it was scary as f@ck. This was my third time doing them, so I thought I could handle it well. It was the night before my friend had to move, and the night Starwars episode 1 was coming out. I had told my mom I was going to hang with my friend, Justin, one last night before he moved. We were supposedly going to see starwars at midnight, but I had other plans. I figured we might as well have some real fun, so I went by my shroom hookup and bought us some shrooms.

As I started to drive home, we stopped at a secluded area where we could split up the shrooms and eat them. This being the first time for him he took about 2 grams, I took about 3. Driving home, I started to notice the trees were swirling and breating a little bit at a stop sign. THEN I knew I was starting to trip. We arrived at my house laughing our asses off, but remained quiet enough to not wake my mom. My eyes started watering from laughter as I logged on to irc, and started talking to my friend.

The colors starting changing on the screen and it was really hard to type, and I was laughing so much. Justin had to go home, and that's when it started to suck. I went out to get a drink of water, and my mom tried to give me a paper for school. I walked really fast into my room and she said "You're acting very distant." She knew something was up so then I tried to sleep. Don't ever try to sleep when tripping, it's useless. At first my perception was just a little f@cked up, and the lights were all off, so all I could see was my alarm clock light spinning. For some reason I got a panic attack and started scaring the hell out of myself. I couldn't feel my legs too well and I couldn't hear my heartbeat at times, so I checked my pulse frequently. When I'd close my eyes, shapes would appear and float around, and some of the time it was hard to figure out if my eyes were opened or closed.

I heard voices in my head, and clips of eminem songs repeating too. When I'd speak out loud my voice echoed and stopped suddenly, and it was hard to tell where my voice was actually coming from. My cat jumped on my bed and it looked like a really small and evil shadow, but I knew it was my cat for certain. Then I heard something that sounded like a cat fight outside, but it seemed like it was 2 feet away from my bed. I started sweating and talking gibberish to myself in my head really weird. Then I lost the ability to form complete sentences and I could barely even from fragments of sentences.

Then I reached down to the ground and figured it would be funny to write something on a piece of paper and read it the next morning. I found a piece of cardboard, but all I did was scribble nonsense on it. My head was spinning and there was a light flying around my room and I still couldn't feel my legs that well. I got scared so I decided to turn my tv on.

As light filled my dark room, it looked really, really small, and my arms looked like they came out a lot farther than normal. The walls were breating and the ceiling seemed so high. The light from the t.v. hurt my eyes, and I felt like a was in another place. Then I got up and went to the bathroom, only to see myself grinning in the mirror like a psycho, my face twisting slightly. It seemed like I was going crazy, but I'd done shrooms twice before, so I knew it would end. As I tried to sleep once again, my breathing became shallow and I thought I might have a heart attack. I kept checking my pulse to see if I was still alive or went to another place, my reality was really altered in my head.. I noticed a bunch of papers stacked on my dresser looked like a man in a top hat breathing deeply, I could hear him. I also heard someone snoring on my floor, like I had somebody sleeping over.

My door was cracked slightly and a peered into my mothers room, but it looked so far and different, I just stayed still calmly. My cat sounded like it was roaring, and a little red spot started to flash. IT was just plain weird, but after a certain amount of time, which felt like an eternity, I woke up late for school and didn't even take a shower. My pupils still covered all of my eyes in P.E. class. Later on that day I found out all my friend did at his house was play with a beanie baby and tweak off that. Shrooms are great, just don't do them alone, EVER! And Don't ever try to sleep.

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