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About two months ago a friend of mine told me about shrooms.

About two months ago a friend of mine told me about shrooms. I sounded al good to me, so on a saturday afternoon after work, me and my friend (D) went to Amsterdam to visit our favorite coffeeshop, the wooden church, which is in the redlight destrict, but anyway...
We smoked about 6 big ass joints in about 45 minutes.
After that we headed to the nearest smartshop to get a couple of nature's finest mushrooms. We bought about 18 pieces of p.cubensis. Now it was time to go home and ingest those little beauties!

Once we got home we first smoked another bong while looking Antz, and waited for another friend of us. We were fuckin stoned already and couldn't wait eating the shrooms. So we already started eating them. We ate them plain and washed them down with a couple a beers. (which was the dumbest thing I've ever done!!)The other friend (F) arived. We gave him his shrooms and he ate them right away.

After about 20 mins I felt the shrooms kicking in. I asked D what to do if things would go bad. He was also feeling the effects so he said: Just think your in a beautiful rainforest or something. That absolutly didn't made any sence to me so I started laughing. D didn't want to stay in the room so we walked downstairs to the livingroom.
D's mom collects dolls as a hobby. Well... there where about 300 of those little decorative dolls in the livingroom. I looked at them and they all started to move around. Not walking but just moving from the left to the right. This was all very fascinating. Till this time I was still laughing so I was out of breath of all this!
The dolls where anoying me so I asked D and F if they wanted to go outside. They both said please!!! at the same time! We walked through the hall to get our jackets. When I stood up the whole floor was ripling whit every step I made.
I looked up and saw the whole hall was moving and breathing.
This was all very cool!

Once we where outside thing got very weird. I looked D and F walking over the street, their feets seemed to melt into the pavement. I walked next to D and asked him if he saw any people behind the curtains of all the houses. He looked and said he saw them too! This made me very paranoid. From that moment things started to go bad. I was so scared that people could here me talking, that I started to whisper to D and F that we where totaly fucked. They agread and disighted to walk into a little alley. We sat down to a wall and tried to figure out what the hell was hapening.
I asked F if he had also seen the people behind the windows.
He said something back, but I didn't understand him. His mouth suddenly melted in his head and totaly disapeared!
I could hear some strange noises coming from his direction but I didn't understand what was hapening.

D suddenly grapped me by my jacked and pulled me up. He said he wanted to leave this place cause all the people behind the windows could her us! There were a view windows in the alley so I quickly ran out of the alley. D and F ran after me. After running for a minute we found a wooden bench. Me and F were sitting on it and D was just standing in front of us. He asked us what the hell was hapening. Me and F didn't know. I looked at the cars driving by and suddenly saw a gondole! (you know, a venice gondole!) passing the street! I couldn't believe my eye's so I asked F if he saw it to. He didn't saw it and said that I was loosing it. I sure was! D finaly got on the idea to walk away and said that we had to follow him. Me and F did.
We came at the centre of out town. Where the night was just getting started! (It was just 12 o clock in the evening)
D walked in our favorite dance-bar-cafe whatever..
But I still didn't know where we were. D bought a couple a beers and gave it to us. I drunk it rapidly. That wasn't a good idea. I felt my stumach turning upside down. I had to throw up, but I couldn't figure out what to do so I throwd up in the middle of the cafe! Hapily I was near the exit so D dragged me out. I throwed up again, over my shoes and my jacked. I only remember seeing my shoes and then something felt out of my head! I didn't know what I was doing so I walked to a bridge. A couple of friends came down to see what was hapening.

I hung over the rail of the bridge to clear up my head. That didn't work, I was still trippin' realy hard!
I looked to D and he was just standing there laughing.
I started laughing too, cause all of this didn't make any sence. There was all puke over the streat but that didn't matter. My friends started walking away. So it was just me and D again. I asked him what just happened. He said, you just throwed up in a bar! I finaly could talk a little again. I must have asked D that same question about 50 times. Nut it was so incredibly funny. I had no idea what I just had done. We started walking back to D place. I kept saying the word monitor over and over again. D laughed and started saying it to. I looked around me to see where we were and I suddenly noticed that F was missing!
I asked D where F was. D said he went home about an hour ago. I didn't noticed that a all!

We where near D's place but suddenly there was a huge fence from about 6 meters high standing on the middle of the road.
I stopted walking and tried to figure out how to get over the fence. But D walked along and he walked right through the fence. The fence disapeared just ass quick ass it appeared. I walked after D to this house. When we got inside I layed down on the cough. I layed my head in a laundry basket whit clean! laundry. Everything smelled like puke! So does the clean laundry right now! :)
I felt that I was comming down. I looked around and noticed that D was gone. I heared a loud horrible noise. But I couldn't quite figure out what it was. Then D was walked in the livingroom. His hair was a complete mess. He looked like a fucking bum! I asked him what the horrible noise was. He explained that he also had thrown up in his bathroom. I found that incredibly funny and started laughing at him. I said that he looked like a bum. He laughed and siad: aahh! shut the fuck up!
I had no watch so I thought it had to be around 6 o'clock
in the morning at that time. So I desighted to head home.
D let me out. I got on my bike and drove through a little alley behind D's house.
I still had no idea where I was till I got on a main road.
I drove home, and once home I looked at the clock on my VCR and saw it was only 2 o'clock!

Well, that's my story. It was one hell of an experience and I'm sure I'm gonna do it again soon. But then I'll do it by the "rules".

One tip: Never use shrooms with alcohol!!

Save trippin' to ya all!
Mr Liberty<><

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