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Do you want a pencil?

The girl that sold us the mushrooms warned us to be careful when eating the spores because they were really potent.

The girl that sold us the mushrooms warned us to be careful when eating the spores because they were really potent. This seems to be the most common disclaimer I get when I am buying mushrooms. But I hadn’t tripped in many months so it was due time so I thought nothing of it when the hippy girl downtown warned me of this. Knowing full well what they were like I would still have eaten the full eighth, but DAMN was she ever right. I was with my buddy who had never tripped before and since I read the shroomery often I figured I could be a good sitter/guide.

We were staying at the hostel in Victoria B.C. and after eating an eighth we decided to walk through Beacon Hill Park to the beach. Just as we got to the park they started hitting, hard and fast! We found the playground and played on it like idiots despite the fact that there was four people sitting quietly watching us. When I went up to talk to them they were INSANE looking just big hair and odd stances and all they said was “hey” just nervously. They gave us a bad vibe so we left them to be big haired quiet oddities by themselves.

We were still trying to get to the water at this point, which was proving to be very difficult due to all the circles we were walking and trees and long grass everywhere. Finally we sopped and sat down on a hill overlooking some of the city. Everything was just really 3-D at this point, the clouds and everything. I opened my bottle of orange juice to have a drink but I damn near got sucked right into it. I had to close the lid quickly. The next time I went back for another drink It happened again so I just chugged the juice as quick as possible then closed the lid tight and got rid of that bottle.

Finally we made it to the water. When we looked down the beach a little we saw a fire on the beach. All of a sudden somebody just picked it up and threw it in the water! We ran over to see how the hell they did that. When we finally got there, there was two guys and two girls and they were just so damn odd they seemed nice at first but they were playing with us good. One of the guys tried to scare me by all of a sudden going BLLAAAH! All loud. It didn’t scare me so much as annoy me. I’m not normally one to yell but before I knew what I was doing I jumped up got right in his face and yelled “AHHHH CAN I INVADE YOUR PERSONL SPACE AND HEARING ZONE”. The guy was at a complete loss of words. They were just so bored with everything though they were bringing us down. We thought they were leaving but then they came back! Then we tried to leave but they followed us. If we were so damn boring why would they follow us? Finally I said to my friend “just run!” and we both just booked it away yelling as we ran. It was a hell of a classy exit. I just couldn’t handle them.

After quite a while of trying to figure out what the hell was going on we ran into this homeless guy who was talking really fast in an odd accent. He was totally rambling random stereotypical “crazy guy on corner” ramblings. The only difference is, It all made sense. I had a good conversation with him! It was just nutty. He was really friendly guy. Actually he was a pirate that sailed all the oceans throughout the universe and different dimensions. He was the parrot on his own shoulder. I ended up trading him my submarine for two UFO’s because he was a pirate his home was the ocean he deserved my submarine more. The only problem with this guy was paranoia had me so bad, the whole time I didn’t know what he was going to do. He may have just stabbed us for all I know.

After that, the long awaited comedown slowly started to creep into our brains. We were still very puzzled when we found a full can of paint lying in the middle of the park. I just couldn’t figure out why there was a big sign that said “night is for sleeping, day is for resting” right next to concrete mattresses right on the sidewalk. It was all just too funny how absurd everybody was. Who are these people in these cars? Where are they going? Why are they in such a hurry? How come there is so many? Why do people go to the bar just do hang outside trying to leave the bar or trying to get more people to come to the bar to make it more fun but when they get there they don’t have a good time either?

Easily one of my most insane trips ever. I am just glad my buddy had that one for his first. It was just so absurd.

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