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Do We have School tomorrow?

OK so, I have these two friends that are boyfriend and girlfriend they're names are Sara and Richard.

OK so, I have these two friends that are boyfriend and girlfriend they're names are Sara and Richard. One is from California and she's small with blonde hair she was 15 at the time I think. The other was a small Japanese kid who used to sell me bud, I think he was like 16 or 17 not sure. Anyways, We hung out with friend that would switch drugs every weekend and we would never seem to get a hold of mushrooms. This one guy claimed he had these "hydro" shrooms, and he had an ounce, I knew they were just grown indoor but I wanted them anyways because I wasn't too crazy about the shroom fields we have here in Texas. So the three of us decided to get some shrooms...
I was 18 i am a lot taller than the other two but I have always had strong effects from shrooms in Canada, we all bought 3.5 grams of this guy's shrooms, they where huge stems that where white and they had nice dust all over them. Sara had only tripped on field shrooms once before and she had a blast so she ate her shrooms with me just plain eating them with orange juice. I ate my stems like carrots. Richard ate one gram every half hour, and he got pissed after he found out his girlfriend had eaten all of hers with me.
So we chomped them down around 5:30 PM at Sara's house and began to walk towards the skatepark, we figured the skate park would be trippy for some reason. On the walk there I could only think about what this trip was going to be like, and in a way I was scared but confident at the same time. On the path way my friend richard already began to feel his and it was only like 6:00 PM he was screaming and laughing at bikers passing us on the sidewalk and stuff. I was laughing but not tripping laughing. Then about 15 minutes later still walking on the sidewalk I begin to feel my trip. I was trying to walk straight but for some reason I would sway to my left and hit sara. Then I looked at the ground and saw prints of leaves moving around in the sidewalk as if there was a wind inside. I was very amused at this point and decided to look at around a nature because I always love nature walks on shrooms. In The Woodlands all the sidewalks have like a tunnel of tree brush so I was just staring at how the brush had grown metalic red thorns, and as we were walking i felt as though we had been entering the same pathway over and over and over. I wasn't scared I was more confused more than anything, I didn't want to say anything cuz i didn't want to sound like a dumbass or anything. So I kept walking, then it seemed like i have been walking in that same path for like HOURS. and it usualy takes about 45 minutes to walk to the skate park so I ask them what the hell is going on why are we walking in the same place over and over again cuz its taking us hours to get there. and they look at me all confused and they said dude look at the time. I pulled out my cell phone and it was only 6:18 I remember that exact time. and we had not moved very far at all!
So as I snaped back to reality from that pathway never changing I found myself at the skate park. but there was no one there so I ran to the soccer field behind it and laid in the middle and looked at the sky, the other two where running around screaming things. I was was staring at the sky I saw northern lights that were crazzier than i have ever seen them before. I was freaking out screaming "WHAT NORTHERN LIGHTS IN TEXAS?" Then i sat up and all of a sudden my friend JD was laying next to me saying "chill yo chill" ANd i was like "WHOA SHIT, WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?" and he said he saw us runin around the field like dumbasses and shit so he came to see whats up.
SO.. i gave him .5 sara gave him .5 and richard gave him .5 of shrooms and he came along with us by that time when he ate them i think it was around 6:40 PM. so we dicided to walk back to my park so that we can just walk around in nature. On the walk there I was freakin out with Sara and Richard because I thought they were smokin and at the time I couldn't smoke for probation. so that really really really put me in a bad mood. when we got to my park it was like 7:30 and it just got dark. sara and richard were trippin out on the playground and JD went into his house across the street from the park to get sumthin to drink. I sat on this bench and i was kinda in a pissy mood wanted to do sumthin better, and i look into the grass and saw neon red lights swerving through the grass like snakes. I sat there and began to shake for no reason, I wasn't scared i just shook up. JD came back and said "Whats up bro" I managed to get a hold of myself and mumbled sumthing back to him. I started to walk towards sara and richard and said lets head back to Sara's house, so we all went walking there. On the way there was this street that had Candy Canes and christmas lights all over the place, ever house put of these candy canes with lights all down the street. We were all freaking out and laughing and screaming the whole way. I saw them bending towards us and growing taller and stuff. I thought that was cool. Then we decided to take a break halfway to Saras house and sat by this fence. I lit up a cig and looked up and stared at the sky trying to see if i can halucinate harder.
Then I saw this shape form into the monster that looked like it had a head of a pig and it had wierd armor on. It pulled out this Dagger from the side of his belt and began to swing it out of the sky towards me and he screamed sooooo loud. I got up screamin the pig monsters gunna get us. and I ran so hard I looked back and it was still there I was so scared. I ran so close to saras house and waited for them to catch up. When they came they were like dude you freaked out hardcore. I just laughed and explained what i saw and they all laughed at me. Then we got into sara's house, her parents were gone at the time even though I smoke with her mom. We happen to turn into insane freaks. I mean richard is running around the house with a mug of milk screaming this SPM rap music in his head and slashing milk everywhere he goes. Sara is on her bed poking her head out the side toward me and JD on the fouton continuesly asking us if we have school tomorrow. I mean Im not kidding it started at about 10:00 and she kept saying "JD, Do we have school tomorrow? HAHAHAHAHAHA" and she would repeat that over and over and over till 11:30. And when she would laugh it would be this like Squeal thing. I personally became mentally insane, I saw fish on the wall, pencils, apples, and coo coo clocks that were going in and out from the wall. I couldn't take it i was curled up in a ball in a point and i ran to the back yard (not knowing her parents are now home).
Now i was chill with her mom, but her dad was a different story. He was out there smoking weed with her mom and i looked at them both catching them (THe dad doesn't know that the mom and i smoke, and the dad doesn't know i know he smokes with the mom, until that point) so starts freaking out saying ur not gunna tell anybody right? and i light up a cig and im just like nah dude nah, and he keeps asking me over and over, just like the tripper in the house!!! so now im starting to freak out. and i go inside and sit at the couch to watch TV. I couldn't find the channel changer cuz for sum reason the kitchen light was the only one on and to me it was red, and it would flash on and off. so i sat there and watched Ace Ventura Pet Detective 2. It happened to be right at the part where he was playing the drums with the mushrooms on the tree so i began to laugh hard as shit, but then he stepped out of the TV, NO JOKE, he kept playing the drums on the freakin fire place in the livin room i looked over at richard and started mumbling things, and he was like dude chill, chill dude, and i automatically thought he was gunna start repeating that over and over again so i run out to the front yard and sit in my truck turn it on and sit there listening to sublime.
I looked up at the roof of my truck and felt as though this trip had been way to reppetative and it really got to me. Then as i stared at the black dots with the white backround on my roof in my truck they began to patternize. I was so happy i sat there for the rest of my trip. I eventually got really tired and wondered my way into the house I think it was like 2:30 AM and the mom was still up in the living room, she asks me to go in the back yard and smoke up with her so i agree and while we're tokin she asks me what were you kids on tonite, I smile at her and say SHROOMS. and she said she figured so cuz sara wouldn't shut up about school! till she passed out. we laughed about it and i told her all about my trip and she just giggled and told me she wished she could have done that and she began telling me stories from when she was my age and she took acid and eventually we both got too stoned and she went to bed and i passed out on the couch.
The next day i woke up and felt so refreshed I felt like these shrooms like almost had given me a chance for rebirth and I had seriously changed. I was more relaxed and calm, and happy after that. I love tripping and now its one of the things I try to do more often. I actually quit hard drugs because shrooms helped me realize how unneccesary they are.
Thanks for reading PEACE
~smo curr

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