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Do NOT go to work tripping!!!

so my friend is a deler, he has this great stuff that he grows in his basment.

so my friend is a deler, he has this great stuff that he grows in his basment. he gave me this stuff that he said was realy mild. so i took about three 8ths, and went str8 to work (im a physicians assistant at an emergency room). we were doing rounds and that was fin. the light's and sound's were great. i could hear the heart beats without a stethescope, from two feet away! and i could see their heathy souls hovering over the sick bodies. then the sh*t hit the fan. the smell of a 450 pund woman with cholitis and incontinence assured me that my saliva was a cure-all medication. I started licking all of my patients wherever they were hurting. the power of my infinite saliva and my unbounded knowledge were emanating from my mouth with every lick. then a woman came in with a URINARY TRACT INFECTION! this meant that I had to lick her "down there". the woman started screaming, and the scream sounded like a thousand sirens going off in my head. my brain was burning from the sound, and I was so scared that my head would melt and i wouldnt be able to cure this lady. then i lost all touch with reality. i was outside of the universe communicating with a conciousness that was just an indescribable smell (sort of like juniper but VERY different). the next thing i know im being secured to a bed with leather straps. all i could think was "thank god my brain didn't melt" but I was saying it out loud! needless to say I was fired and I have an infection in my mouth. this trip would have beenn awesome if i just stayed home.

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