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Hello all, This was my thrid time tripping and did it with about 5 friends.

Hello all,
This was my thrid time tripping and did it with about 5 friends. The previous two times I have done this it was a great time. Got to love that altered state of mind. Anyways we got our mushrooms from a lady we called "hippie lady". She grew some real nice mushrooms, and everyone ate an 8th proceed to pop in the animatrix and watched that for a good 20 min. We all started to get restless and decided to go walk around my apartment complex. Afgter thirty min of walking around we deciided to go to a park. I had the keys to my apartment so I offered to go get the car keys. Big mistake.
I walked into my apartment and it was quite, real quite which very weird. I started walking towards my counter to grab the keys and as I was walking I looked into my bedroom which had my lights on and I saw about an 8 foot black figure, right as I looked at it, it looked at me and it was radiating a pissed off emotion which freaked me out badly. I was instilled with fear of it and continued to walk slowly towards the counter. It started to approach me and I closed my eyes because I was so afriad off it. After I closed my eyes I could feel it's presence loom over me just looking at me I was terrified. I located the keys with my eyes closed which is a miracle, and then proceed to run out of my apartment with the daylights scared out of me.

After I got out of the apartment I felt better and didn't see the black figure again. I told my friends they jsut lauged, and we went to the park. All my friends were trippin balls but I felt normal but was slightly feelin it. I got pissed off I wasn't trippin so I decided to walk home which is about a 20 min walk. Walking home by self was very crazy things looked strange and lights kept going out.

I finally got home exhauseted and took a shower which felt excellete and was awesome seeing the water run over my body. I got out and looked in the mirror while doing my hair. My face melted away and I looked like skeleton with hair very strange but I thought this was normal. Laid down after this and called a good buddy named Zach of mine he told me to come to a party it was fun. I thought that sounded like a great idea. So I drove there which I was feeling pretty normal but by the time I got out of the car again I was trippin.

I went around to the back yard where everyone was hanging out at. I just felt so chill I sat down grabbed a beer and started talking to my friends. They were doing some weird shit to make me feel freaked out but I knew they were just bullshitting so I was laughing.

I started talking to this girl, she didn't know I was tripping so I was having a great time just confusing her with random comments. Then she asked if I wanted to jump on the trampoline that sounded great at the time so I said yes. We were bouncin around on it and I was doing flips and shit, real weird trippin and deffinitly not safe. Then I decided to do a flip off the trampoline, I do this all the time sober so I didn't even think about it until I was already in the air starting to flip, then this little voice in my head said should you be doing this your tripping. I stopped mid flip and came crashing down on my shoulder/neck. Heard a loud ass pop and writhed in pain, some kid came over and was like "Holy Shit are you alright" I was very embaressed for doing this and was like yea yea I'm fine. Which I wasn't, a felt terrible pain, my friend Heath showed up and I told hime "Man I'm so fucked up I just want to go to sleep" he's like alright let's go so Heath,the girl, and I drove home. Dropped her off and she wished I was ok, and proceed to drive back to my apartment complex.

When I got back my hippie neighbor was outside and said " What's up man wanna come up and drink some beer" I said no I just fucked up my arm to that he replyed " All the more reason to drink" For some reason that made perfect sense so I grabbed a .750 of Southern Comfort went over to his house and started taking shots I finsihed a whole .750 in about 20 min and was drunker then I ever had been.

My other trippin friends came home still fucked up. Then my other friend offered me more mushrooms so I took about another 1/2, 1/8. Then went back to the park, to make a long ass story short I passed out on the mary go round with 5 lit cigs around me, then had to go back to the car and I would stumble 20 feet to the left and fall down get up and do it to the right. I am not even exaggerating I can barley remeber this and my friend vouches for it. I finally got back home got in my bed puked all over it ( I dont remember any of it)Woke up the next morining and had to go to the airport. I couldn't find my shoes and my feet hurt there were cuts on the bottoms of them. I finally found my shoes at my neighbors house. Then realized I walked around at the park without shoes on.......... Needless to say I didn't do mushrooms again for 6 months and was more carefull. I now love mush mush again.(sorry for the long post)
Peace Out McMushrooms420

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