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Didnt feel like i was there

it was the first day of summer for a friend of mine and we both decided that we wanted to trip.

it was the first day of summer for a friend of mine and we both decided that we wanted to trip. so starting around 2pm we started calling all our friends that we thought would know where we could get some shrooms. all day we got bullshitted around, everyone would "call us back".
by 8pm i gave up on wanting to trip and got someone to buy me two 12 packs of beer(miller lite) which i drank about 12 beers out of and my friend drank 3 or 4 and the rest were given away to random people.
i bought a small bag of some shwag weed and set up a deal to smoke with some guys who had nugz.
by 11pm i was really damn drunk and high, so was the friend who was goin to trip with me. we started talking about how much our plans were ruined. a friend of ours had overheard us talking about the shrooms and offered to sell us some of hers. we bought and 1/8th and i put my half in my mouth and began to chew instantly. my friend slowly got his down by chasing them with water and he kept complaining how nasty they were.
for about 20 minutes we sat around talking about how it finally came together and we got our shrooms. i started to become really tired and felt light-headed so i laid down on a bed in the corner of the room. there were about 20 people in the room talking to each other and 4 of them sat next to me asking me how i was feeling.
i didnt say anything to them cause i realized i was in DEEP shit. i was tripping ballz and everytime i closed my eyes i saw crazy ass designs. i sat up in the bed and looked at everyone, and asked them why they were staring (i dont think they really were but i was really confused and kind of scared because it was my first trip). people kept fucking with my head telling me to think about what reality really is and trippy thoughts like that. i was laying in the corner thinking about how spaced out i feel, and if this is what herion addicts feel like. i kind of wanted to goto sleep and just wake up tomorrow to think about what happend but no one would let me sleep, they were telling me that it would be too much of a waste. but while i was tryin to sleep i would see more visualizations and i kept picturing things falling sideways out of the walls like it was being pulled through from another universe. then i kept thinking that i was walking through the halls of my mind and that i was getting too far into my own thoughts. i sat up and looked at my friend who was also tripping and he seemed to be enjoying himself on the otherside of the room talking with a bunch of people. i thought about talking but then went back inside my mind.
eventually my friends took my keys and made me get into my car (which was the most difficult task i have ever performed) and we rode to a friends house. i must have been blacking out cause i thought i was asleep and that i was just dreaming but something in the back of my mind knew that it was real. i ended up walking around the house (which i had only been to once before) tryin to find a place to sleep but not knowing wether i was asleep already. it was like being outside of my body watching what i was doing but having no control over it.
i was told the next morning that i had pissed my pants while walking around, i had pissed the dog off by squeezing it, and i had chewed up a cell phone that wasnt mine. needless to say, the person's house i was at was not pleased with me.
all and all i cant say it was a bad experience. i enjoyed the visuals that i saw even though they were actually pretty scary. i think the next time i trip i am not gonna take anything else with it.

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