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devils dragons and dictators

well well well, where can i start?

well well well, where can i start?

i guess with the amount eatin (i dont remember the exact type). Me and my friend patrick (i call him rush because he is russian) both had 40$ so we both bought an 1/8. Not too much but still enough to trip pretty damn hard. well i eat my first whole 1/8, on previous trips i had only eatin half and shared with rush.We smoked a few bowls to help the shrooms kick in.I wont go into much detail, but it was upper mids austrailain bud(he just got back from there from a wrestling thing). We were sitting in our tree that is right on the beach and then BOOM! It hit me. after about 4 minutes of just staring at my hand in the moonlight i look up at rush , and i couldt tell it hit him too, just by the look in his eye. Well we sit there for about 30 minutes chating and listnin to the sound of the waves. We lit up a few more bowls and were ready to go walking around his neighborhood. He handed me the lighter to put in my pocket i guess and i dont remember ever touching it. anyways we are walkin for about 20 minutes and we come to this empty lot that is on this river thing with lots of boats, our friend lives directly across from this lot and so we are sitting there in the sand. and all of a sudden i start beatboxing and rush starts just dancing like crazzzzzyyy. i mean he starts just break danceing unbelievably. i could have been trippin really really bad, but im pretty sure he did a few upside down one handed spins. so we run out of energy and are looking up at the moon.This is where it gets weird. Russian is just sitting there whispering to i guess somebody sitting next to him and he starts to gasp and hide from the moon. he said that there were dragons coming after him and that he needed to go to camalot to save the princess or some shit. Well i was getting tierd of this shit, so i just told him to walk with me more. We came across this house that looks like a freaking face. i mean the windows look just like eyes to me and this air heater thing looked like a mouth. Well there was a control panel right in the middle of everything. And all of a sudden the house turned into fucking hitler, and started to yell at me in german. i actually understood it...it said "bow down to the great power of hitler or prepare to die"... i knew i was trippin bad after that point so i tried to calm myself. I ran past the remaining part of the house and i start walking into these shadows. By now im telling my self to think good thoughts but i hear these glassbreaking shreaks are screaming bloody murder. they start to scream turn back and run, so i start freaking out like a mofo..russian is right behind me so i turn around and behind him is a brick wall. So i had to continue forward..i see little devils tying people up and cutting off their limbs. by now i break down and start freaking out even more. I got a conforting talk from rush and stuff goes semi-normal, just little blurs and patterns and such on the road. I dont remember what happend for the next hour. Its kinda like i blacked out. When i came to, me and patrick were sneaking into somebody's garage looking for beer. Patrick is a crazy kid ill tell you, i told him not to touch the cars but of course, the first thing he does is open the car..great just what i need to get in trouble for breaking and entering...finially i get him out of the car and i close the door quietly. We leave the house, go and sell some bitches some pills and i feel like i am going down, but oh no my friend i was just hitting my peak. This is about 2 hours after they finally kicked in. I called some bitches up and i asked them if they had weed...I started trippin really hard at this point..i thought i had already gone thru this point but i guess not..i call up my brother who lives in washington state (im in florida) and asked him if he could give me some weed. He told me he would e-mail it to me. Finally we get back home and i lay on russians carpet just sinking in to it watching it move up and down. I got on the computer waiting for my weed...(told you i was trippin hard) i called my brother and told him to hurry up and he started yellin at me for being on shrooms, i told him i wouldnt ever do any more drugs. and i was like so your not sending me the weed then? i guess he thought it was really funny cause he hung up on me. so i sat there dissapointed, wanting to smoke and still scared like shit from the devils killing people. I just sat at his house and the rest of the trip was pretty fun. We went out to his dock and i sat there and just laughed right in front of his face for about 20 minutes straight. we ended up sleeping on the dock.

I guess you should be in a happy mood before you trip. i just had a very bad day and i told myself i could control it. SERIOUSLY DONT DO SHROOMS IF YOU ARE DEPRESSED YOU WILL CONTEMPLATE SUICIDE VERY VERY HARD.also the first time after you do them you usually think about why you are on this world.

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