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Dead? Born Again!!!

First off, this is not my first trip, and for damn sure wont be my last, but during this experience I have seen and witnessed things that I will never be able to explain.

First off, this is not my first trip, and for damn sure wont be my last, but during this experience I have seen and witnessed things that I will never be able to explain.

The night started with buying 35 caps of various sized Ps. cubensis, grown right here in the great state of Georgia. So after buying the little mushys i decide to head to a freinds house and see if he wouldn't mind dosing the whole batch with me that night, Chad who had also triped many times before didnt even hesitate in wanting to trip when he had seen the bag that was full of freashly picked cubes. The only problem now, Where to go? My house was a good last resort, but parents arent the best thing to hang around when planning a good trip, so the next thing I know is, im calling up my other good friend Tanner, who has let me trip over at his house a few many times. After talking to him for a few minutes, we get the O.K. and its off to Tanners house for the ride of my life. We get there and right away we throw the whole batch in some panty hose and boil them up, all besides the biggest one and a few rockets which i went ahead and ate on the spot(Me i dont mind the taste, I think of it as a gift). After about 10 minutes we had one potent batch of Shroom Tea, made with double strong grape Flavor Aid (Couldnt find Cool-Aid). So me the way I always am I always massly consume all of my drugs, so i get a nice hefty sized glass and chug it in less than 30 seconds, then i chug a second glass and am finished with mine before both Tanner and Chad even started their cups. So I get up to clean the mess i had just made and go strait for the bag that i had the Cubes in and -Bam- I look in the bag and there are 3 good sized Mushys still in the bag, so there was nothing left to do but dose them too(I don't waist anything). For the next 30 mins it was the big wait, you know what I mean where your sitting around and just looking at shit wondering if the shit has kicked in yet. After waiting what seemed like forever it, I started to feel alittle tingly, then i noticed the hairs on my legs were swaying like underwater(this is how my trip always starts) and I remember everything changing alittle bit, and how the room was the same but different in a way. After about 30 more minutes of this my trip had kicked in hard, Everything in the room had changed, i dont know how it just did, the only way i can explain how i felt was it felt like i was one of the side characters in a Max Payne video game, not a person that was even part of the story, but just like i was living in that same world where everything is dark and evil. This didnt really scare me though, because to me all my trips end up like this sooner or later, ive gotten use to it. Also by this time my two friends had started triping too, I remember sitting there and having to go to the bathroom because i drank so much Shroom Tea but was too scared to get up and go to the bathroom by myself, but it seemed my my blatter was stronger than my will power and eventually i had to go into that evil place. This mans house has the smallest bathroom, you cant even fit 2 people in it, and it has a yellow wallpaper with red flowers all over it, every time i go in there when im tripping i get stuck for like 30 minutes, it kinda sucks becuase the whole time im in there im just fighting with my sanity. I remember looking at the walls at first and making weird paterns out of the flowers, and then all of the flowers made the faces of devils with flames for hair, after i had seen that i think i went sorta nuts becuase i was so scared that i didnt go into that bathroom again for the rest of the night. After i got out about 20 minutes later. Tanner and Chad were both Zonked out and laughing at everything, but what the hell i was feeling the same way, i couldnt consetrate on anything i was literally insane i thought, my mind was just wondering and about every 30 seconds i would just bust out laughing for no reason at all. Then i started thinking about the one thing that you shouldn't, i told myself i wish i wasnt tripping anymore. After that it was all down hill, automaticly i started to think i had taken some bad shrooms and that i was going to die, i just laid there on the couch thinking that i had died and that Tanner and Chad just hadn't noticed my dead body yet, i felt like i was out of my physical body and part of the universe, then what seemed like to be a day or two in this trip, one thing saved my life, it was a song my nappy roots, dont know the name but it was so soothing that it brought me right down into a whole new trip of relaxation. So i decided to roll up a nice blunt and smoke it, i swear at that moment while i was smoking that blunt, it was the most perfect moment of my life, every thing just seemed right in the world, and then the song was over, after about 10 minutes of kinda being back in the real world, the crazyest thing that has ever happend to me happend, and i know i will never ever be able to explain this, or neither will Tanner and Chad, but as we all sat there watching the T.V. a commercial came on this was the strangest thing i had ever seen, it was all dark and it was showing flashes of dead bodys in black and white, the land scape was like a dream world with twisted trees and sceans of a lady in a flowing gown falling off a ladder into a dark void and a bowl of maggots flashed on the screen, then at the end it went to static for like 3-4 seconds and then it flashed to a NOW audio cd commercial at the end of it. The commercial wouldn't of been weird if it would of sold something, but it didnt, it had no advertisement at all, and the weirdest thing was that we all had seen it, for the next 2 hours i swear all we could think about or talk about was how crazy that was, that there is the crazyiest thing i have ever seen, or probly will ever see in my life, all i could think about was that damn bowl of maggots and the lady falling off of the cliff. And how it broke strait into the middle of a NOW commercial, and how it didnt sell anything at all, there werent even any words in the whole thing, just weird ass music and the crazy images. I was atleast expecting it to sell Nike shoes or something. After that the night is pritty much a big Blurr, i remember a bunch of laughing and just thinking of life in general, and how its not that long but me being 18 it has only just begun. I beleave that my experience has opened new doors and feelings that i have never felt before, it was like someone had finally taken my hand and shown me what i had always been missing in my life. And for this I am Thankful.

I hope you enjoyed this long ass Report. Enjoy The trip but stay safe.

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