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Dazed and Confused...

Im a long time psychodelic lover, however its been a good 5-7 years since my last at go with Acid, or Shrooms.

Im a long time psychodelic lover, however its been a good 5-7 years since my last at go with Acid, or Shrooms. i Still on occaision do x, smoke pot, and drink like a fish. Over the last couple months, I'd been getting this desire to eat mushrooms again, we recent we started looking for them again. Well yesterday we hit the jackpot! I had some caps that were 3-4 inches across, they were big, and DARK purple. I had forgotten about dose's and amounts for that right trip, but on the other hand I wanted to make sure I was gonna get off.

I ordered a pizza from Dominos and upon arrival i cut up one of those HUGE caps, and two small ones and placed it under the cheese of the pizza. I couldnt taste the mushrooms at all, I was pleasantly surprised as I remember how gritty, and nasty they can be going down.

About 20 minutes into it, im starting to feel a slight body buzz, and im slightly giggly. About this time a body came over to enjoy our find with me and my brother. About 20 minutes later, the body buzz is absolutly incredible, im in full control, and im liking the way things are going. We decide to go out front to smoke, and thats when shit became uncontrollable. Watching the lake and field across the street begin to mend seemlessly, and watching the field of title waves, and shapes, objects, creatures are whatever else I could imagine was occuring. I was still in control at this point. I was near the point where if i blinked i could make the visuals stop, and sort of have control in my head. This went on for about 15 minutes. After that it was so uncontrollable, i was starting to think i ate way to much because of how I was feeling. I had a feeling of very bad panic because shit just didnt seem right. We were watching tv, and listening to music when i then hit that next plataue of the trip and at this point was NOT having a good time. I was worried that something was wrong at that point, everyone else was tripping nuts too. they were laughing at what was on tv, but i was scared, and thought everyone was laughing at me. I was trying to get a grip. This went on for 2-3 hours! It was absolutly insance! I dont get it because I used to LOVE that. I had one REALLY bad trip (my last trip before this one) where i went to the hospital because I thought I was gonna die! I had no recolation of anything going on around me. I seriously thought I was dead. I couldnt recognize simple objects or anything. This is what i think caused my bad trip last night because of that mental scar from the last go at it.

I could finally start to feel things winding down, so my room mate thought it would be a good idea to go for a ride in his jeep to get some fresh air. Boy was I in for a surprise. We were going down this road doing what felt like 200+ MPH!~ I had tunnel vision kicking with this insane techno, on one hand it was a absolutly incredible rush, but on the other I was scared.

Soon after this I was in control again, but had those come down thought where your brain is going a mile a minute and you think about absolutly everything in astonishing clearity.

This was my final voyage into psychodelics!

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