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Dandy as CAndy

This thanksgiving weekend me and four friends all bought some shrooms.

This thanksgiving weekend me and four friends all bought some shrooms. Me,J, and B bought eighths each M and P bought one and split it. We sat in my friends car and ate our shrooms and then got out and walked around. 15 minutes after we ate them we started looking at eachother and smiled. I couldn't believe they kicked in so quickly. This was my first time tripping off of shrooms and it was the best expirience in my life. There were so many points where my mind was going to fast and i thought i was gonna bug out. I soon did! we followed these paths in my town and we walked on a small bridge with a yellow light glowing and giving it an ockward color then My friend P got to the end of it and said LooK at the maggots on the bridge!! we all quickly glanced at the bridge and saw millions of magggotts all over it I Was like THIS IS FUCKIN AWESOME visuals were getting strong and then we led ourselves to another bridge deep in the woods Two of my friends kept calling the bridge ThE MeAt WaGoN BrIdGe. And i kept saying you guys are fuckin crazy it was so funny. Then everything was getting too fast all my thoughts were going every other way and i felt like i was gonna puke so i hung over the bridge and was ready to let it go. But instead i walked over by the woods and took my shirt off and laid on the ground. All the grass that was touching my stomach felt like it was melting in my skin but it felt so good, I was racing in my head when i thought What the hell am i doing here? Why am i over here? and my sickness went away. I was in my own insanity but i was enjoying it.

We then left the bridge and struggled to get back to the car, Paranoid that cops were gonna see us. We finally got to the car still tripping hard and all just chilled in it. M was like i think i can drive now and she sat there looking out to no where and i was like alright cool let's go. We started to drive and then I got a feeling that we were all tripping harder than hell so i started screaming stop the fuckin car. M didn't listen. I thought we were five strangers in a car going 40 miles an hour not knowing how to drive or how to think so i thought we were gonna keep going straight and smash into something and die.I said drop me the fuckkk offf and then M said to me "YoU wanna get out"? i then said can you seriously drive and she said YeS i CAn so i felt a little more comfortable. We were cruisin and then i noticed that i had wicked cottonmouth so much that i thought i was dehydrating so i said go to the store and get some water. I yelled Get me fuckin water "I know in the real world i need water" i was in a different world i lost my krackers i didn't know who i was and who the people were i was with.
After i got the water i said M can you pleaseeeeeeee drop me of at the statue? I need a safe place so in the real world i won't wake up and be in jail. M said yea i'll drop you off there. Then outta no where my friend b yelled FUCKIN ORANGE JUICE i started cracking up and said you are fuckin crazyyyy. We were blurting out words that made no sense and i was tripping over my words. it was so insane.

I opened the car door and said to my friends- WELL i don't know who the fuck you are so---see ya later and i went and tripped my night away under a big tree. Shrooming is the funnest thing in the world but you can seriously kill yourself on them I forgot who i was and who my friends were and i went insane that night. I can only remember certain parts of the trip but im glad i can still remember some.

One of these days maybe we'll meet when we are tripping it's crazy like that and in a couple weeks im gonna go on another one and i can't wait. Im a deep thinker i know what's goin on that's the only way to put it either your following the rules of the system that was made up for you or your creating your own world I choose my own.

enjoy the trip peace

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