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Da Trip

About a month ago a buddy and mine tripped tuff with about 15 full shrooms of dry Psilocybe cubensis.

About a month ago a buddy and mine tripped tuff with about 15 full shrooms of dry Psilocybe cubensis. For me it was about a level 4 trip or so. It was about my 20th time, and my friend’s 3rd, so I guess you could say I was the guide. It was a long, amazing night, with awesome visuals and trippy moments.

For the first few hours, we sat and watched David Lynch’s "Lost Highway." I’ve seen it twice now, both times on shrooms, and I have to say that this movie is one of the all time greats for shrooming. While watching the movie, the walls were boiling like water, faces were appearing and laughing at me, the curtains were dancing, and I was finally figuring out what the movie was really about, Lost Highway being a very hard movie to follow.

Some non-shrooming friends showed up and decided to start a party. They totally ruined the mood, and were screwing with us tough. I can’t stand being around people who are rude, or non-tripping when you are! But if they would have never came over, we wouldn’t have played Triple Play 98 on my computer, a truly enthralling experience while on the edge, especially with a decent set of speakers and subwoofer.

Shortly after they left, we left my place and drove up a dirt road away from town to smoke some chronic green. I just have to say I’ve never been higher in my life. As soon as we finished one bowl of that, I was seeing some amazing visuals. Wherever I looked, overlayed on the scenery was a green, bright neon web in the background, with a field of neon pulsating bubbly shrooms in the foreground. It took me about an hour to come down to a suitable position for where I could drive home.

During this hour, we sat in my Bronco and listened to trippy tunes. My all-time favorite song for shrooming has to be Moby’s "God Moving over the Water." I have this on the Heat soundtrack, and another trippy, yet disturbing track off it is "Armenia" by Einsturzende Neubauten. In "God Moving Over The Water" you can hear about 4 or 5 dinstict rhythms occuring at the same time. And you do feel like a god actuall soaring over the ocean.

When I came down enough to drive, the drive down the dirt road was insane. It is very, very bumpy and all down hill. It was as if I, the car and the road were a video game. And every thing around and outside of what was directly in front of me seemed like another universe. Please don’t drive like this at that kind of level unless you have done psychedellics a number of times, for without experience, you could end up in the shitter.

Overall, it was a great night. Here are a few personal favorite things of mine for tripping with:

Music: "God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters" by Moby, anything by Underworld, Faithless, The Bothy Band’s "Farewell to Erin," Tibetan Sacred Temple Music, Philip Glass, Lost Highway Soundtrack, Mu-Ziq, Tricky, Download, Daft Punk, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and many others. Note: Don’t listen to stuff like Download if you don’t like dark music.

Food: All time best thing you will ever eat is Breyers All Natural Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream!

Movies: Lost Highway, The Doors, Virtuosity, Tron, Cheech and Chong Flicks. If you are into goth, etc, go with Hellraiser 2. Warning! The scenes in this movie are about a hundred times more repulsive while tripping. Indeed not for the faint.

Best event I’ve ever shroomed at: 1997 Oregon Country Fair. The trippiest place so far.

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