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Da night at the mall

It was our first time doing shrooms, being weed addicts we had to try them.

It was our first time doing shrooms, being weed addicts we had to try them. We were going to go to a school dance. It was about 7:00, we were waiting in a park for about 2 hours waiting for our dealer to arrive, it was about -25 celcius outside at the time. He arrived at 9:00, freezing cold, we told them that we should go to the dance and seperate our shroms in the bathroom and munch them.

We got 8 grams eahc for 5$/gram(a really good deal, we weren't expecting anything good from these shrooms for that price) We got them, and were a little cautious of just munching them, our dealer showed us that they weren't all that badd and munched all of his grams in front of us in about 15 seconds. We then decided that we should mix them with something as to not look suspicious, so we went to the canteen and bought some chips and went back to the bathroom and threw them in, then went to the dance floor and munched our chips. We were expecting them to work right instantly, but nothing happened. We tought we got bogus shrooms and were disappointed. About an hour later, the dance was starting to end, and we were extremely happy. We went to go pick up our coats and shoes to go home, when everything turned pink and bright. We started to walk down the ramp with our coats and shoes. I looked at my friend when we got to the bottom of the ramp, and he had his shoes on already. I started to ask him how he got them on, meanwhile teachers and chaperones were passing us by. He told me to be quiet and told me that I was talking non-sense really loud.

We headed out the door, and we on our way to the mall, my friend said we needed to egt ass far away form the school as possible. On our way, for some odd reason, we turned around at least 11 times, and found our self stopped at an apartment building halfway between our school and the mall. We were kicking the wall for some reason trying to make sense of why we were going in circles. We finally got to the mall and ran into some people we met in the park before the dance and I remember sying some nonsense again and they laughed at me and told me to have fun. All the cars driving on the road, looked like they were heading towards us, when they were really just passing us. This is where the trip got scary. We went into the mall, my friend's mushrooms weren't taking effect completely yet, because I took mine about an hour before he did. When we got in the mall, we had to go to the bathroom. The bathroom was near the theatre in the mall. My friend waited for me outside the bathroom, in the bathroom, when people walked into the bathroom, they looked weird and defromed, but when I looked at them again, they were normal. I knew the trip was getting better. When I got out, I decided to look at the movie posters while my friend sat on the bench dazed. The people in the posters were looking at me like they knew what I did and were going to call the cops, and Denzel Washington was scolding me for some odd reason. My friend noticed me talking back to him, so he got me out of there as fast as he could.

We went to the back parking lot of the mall, and decided it was the best place to crash for a while. When I saw a propane tank calling me on, I was about to try and fight it when my friend got in the way and told me I was hallucinating it all and I would get hurt. Then we saw some lightposts, and I looked up at them, they were telling me to back off of they would beat me up, when my friend said something, all I understood was "hey". Then the light post came down to my hieght and started to melt into the ground, so I ran to the other side of the parking lot and into a wall. I leaned on the wall and walked to the street. We then saw a man walking down the street and I saw his face moving around, my friend yelled that he was going to kill us, so we took off as fast as we could towards the main entrance to the mall and sat on a bench. At that point, everyone who passed us looked at us and laughed, but everytime they laughed, a part of them become smaller. On the bench we spent 30 minutes talking about how smooth the frost on the bench was. We don't know if that was true or not, but it happened to both of us.

Then a car full of girls pulled up and asked for directions to this place called "The sisters of the precious blood". My friend got up to tell them, he knew I wouldn'd be able to say anything that made sense, but I signaled him to sit and I said some gibebreish and got some weird look from them, I realized I was saying nonsense, and told them to go to the east for some reason. They gave us this look like they didn't beleive us and drove off. We then got up and went to the street where there was a payphone. We intended to call our parents for a ride home, but never got around to it. I looked at the phone, and the keys started to fall out, like teeth on a cartoon. At that time, I nearly walked into the street and was almost run over when my friend grabbed my shoulder and told me to be careful and asked what I was doing. We then walked back to the front entrance. We like totally forgot where we were. We must have walked from the front of the mall to the back at least more than 9 times... Finally we were so cold we needed to get in warmth. We wnent into a mall entrance by some doors and tripped. It was like 1am when we decided to call someone. We walked outside for some reason and were lost. We
decided to find a telephone booth. We found one outside the mall and decided to call someone. We wasted so much time watching cars and laughing. We had no clue what was going on. When we looked at our watches the time was 4am!!! We had no clue where or how we had passed the time!!! It was insane... We finally decided to crash in the mall entrance, when we awoke due to a securtiy guard or some authority that forced us to depart or something... At this moment we decided to spend the night behind a blocked off area near an oulet/power box. In the morning we resolved all the problems and it was all good... Although our clothes needed a wash due to the stains of mud and dirt/garbage attached to our garments in which we have no clue how they got there...This may be a strange story to you, but it had to be told, because it was one strange night at the mall for us!!!

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