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Da Floating Whitey!!

I was on my way to a friends apartment for a acting troupe meeting.

I was on my way to a friends apartment for a acting troupe meeting. I ( along with 4 other close friends ) were in a small local acting group. No affiliation with schools or any local theaters. No. We did it all our selves.
I showed up at the meeting place to find out that one of my friends who was supposed to be there had not called nor shown. We waited for about an hour at which point we usually would decide to just hang out instead of practice. When some one was very late we almost always just started goofing off and never got back to business.
The leader of the troupe told me to run down the street to the Waffle House where the missing member ( who shall be reffered to as 'Currly' ) some times hung out. I did as I was told and went to find him.
I did not find Currly but instead ran into another friend of mine ( he will be reffered to as 'Jesus' as per a strong likeness ). He was just back from Murphreesboro ( a small college party town nearby ) with an ounce of supposedly fire shrooms. Sorry, can't recall species.
Needless to say I bought a bag ( a fat 1/8 sack ). I went back to the meeting place to tell every one that I did not find Currly. "He just called..he wants you to pick him up from his house" the leader told me. "Okay. Are we still having a meeting?" I asked. "No. People are coming over soon anyway" he relied.
So I was off to pick up Currly. Currly and I go way back. First time I ever got stoned you know who was passing me the pipe.
He jumps in my car and I can't help but to whip out my newly aquired prize. We pull into a gas station down the street from his house. I pull out a pinch for him, telling him that I hope he feels something from it. He eats it quickly as I pull several pinches from the bag and lay them in my mouth.
I was expecting, at peak, to just see some colors and get a little giggly. It must be mentioned my suprise when I was feeling all those effects at just ten minutes in.
"Are you feeling anything?" I asked Currly. "No. We just ate them" he said. "True" I replied. I kept driving for about five more monites at which point the road started to seem too wide and the lines started to dart under my car. "I'm already feeling it..I think you should drive" I say as I pull over. He takes the drivers seat with confidence.
I suppose at this point I should say that when it comes to describing drugs I am much more physically minded. My favorite drugs at the time ( still are really ) are heroin and MDA. I mean, if these are your base, how could you not describe experiences in the physical sense.
Enough people have written about there mental and religious states while on these types of entheogenes that I feel it is not important ( nor does it hold much interest for me ) to report on them. Like I was basically getting at in the last paragraph, I shall mostly stick to the physical.
So we end up back at the meeting place. When we walk in I notice an extreme dilation of colors. And everything about ten feet away from me seems to be breathing ( please understand that although this seems like first time trip nerrative, I have tripped many, many times before. I believe it just gives a more interesting outlook ).
That's when the leader of the acting troupe sprang it on me. He wanted to have a short writer's meeting ( we wrote all are own material ). I looked at the clock, trying to figure out approx. when I had consumed said fungus and when I thought my peak might be. After who knows how long of staring at the clock, I started wondering ( out of my gord, mind you) which of of the numbers moved up to make the other, more importnant number, move up. I then realized that telling time was more like reading alien writing.
People at the meeting were running ideas by me, although at this point I was getting lost in the meaning of each word as the person said it so it became increasingly hard to relate the last word the person said to the word they were currently saying. Of course it started to just become a mess of words. All I could say was "I really don't know what your talking about."
As everyone else in the room was discussing the lines ( I guess ) of each skit, I was walking around the room not talking to any one. I would sit down on the steps leading up stairs and just stare at the walls. Currly, who was sitting on the couch, appeared to be a painting on the wall with motion. I was seeing doors and other hallways open up on the walls of the medium-sized apartment.
I remember reaching up and touching my facial features a few times and feeling them grow and shrink until they would disappear.
The tracers on peoples faces got so intense that I started to see poeple's faces and mouths melting off their heads until they hit the ground. Everything I could still make out was looking very robotic and fake. The landscape of the room meant nothing. I could not have found the bathroom to throw up if I had wanted to.
Then everyone else started showing up and I started to get rushes of sanity. By the time all the guests started to eat dinner, I looked around and suddenly thought " Oh..I'm not tripping any more".
It ended as quickly as it began. I was tripping ten minutes after I felt them and I was sober within ten minutes after begining to come down.
In retrospect, I have still never heard of any shrooms that you could wig out on after only a couple pinches from a half-querter. Some people say they might have been dropped w/ acid but I know that is not true bcuz they only lasted about 4 hours. I really wish I knew what strain they were bcuz they were probably stronger than any other fungus I have ever heard of.
Well, never under-estimate what you may get and always be sure to be around a safe, trip-friendly group. Oh, and even though Currly ( also a seasoned tripper ) ate only a couple pinches from the sack, he told me later he tripped alright.

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