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D rock with shrooms

One trip that was definetly worth hearing was the time I tripped at my house when my parents were gone.

One trip that was definetly worth hearing was the time I tripped at my house when my parents were gone. I had the luxery of picking 4 grams out of a half-pound sack that my friend just got. As you can guess I picked a damn good sack!!
The shrooms were very interesting to me. They looked fake almost. THe stems were powdery on touch, with what looked like flour but tasted like mold, covered on them. The caps were big and heavy, I saw one eighth that my friend weighed out--It was only three fat caps!! But the wierd thing about the caps were that they were sprinkled with what looked like gold flakes. I wasn't sure if the flasks grew on the stems and caps or if it was something that the dealer had added on for looks?, have you ever seen any goobers that looked like that??
So I ate the shrooms with one of my close buddies and waited for the effects. It didn't take long, we had some super-super-super chronic that looked so damn crystaly it looked like it had been sprayed with a mister. It was the kill. Where is that stand right now I wonder?
So it was around 4 or 5 (daytime) when the visual effects kicked in. I should have turned off my phone because the call that I was about to recieve changed the night.
Ring. Ring. AHHHH!
Damn phones scare me sometimes.
It turned out to be one of my drug addicted friends who I no longer consider to be my friend(but that's a whole 'nother story). He called me and said that he wanted to come over and smoke some bowls. So I said cool, come.
So he arrived and told me that he had some shit that he had to get rid of.
I asked him what he had and said he had Crack for sale.
I was already fucked up and I thought I would do him a favor and buy a 20 rock.
SO I broke up the little yellowish rock and began to sprinkle about half of it over a preloaded dank bowl. I hit it and WOOWWOWOWOOW! Shit. It is a rush. I haven't really ever read a report that involves crack and mushrooms so I thought I would report my experience with it. If anyway might be interested.
One word to desribe it: unreal.
After I held the hit in my lungs for about ten seconds, a plethera of colors appeared in normal daylight. I was outside in my backyard and when I exhaled the smoke I saw what looked like the world broken down into molecules and atoms or just the smallest little particles. I thought to myself "Oh my god, I have discoved science!" I have seen with the bare eye what no other man has. I was in total disbelief.
Well, me and my friend smoked up the rock and enjoyed the trip. The colors were great and they started to melt together and swirl repetitively in the same pattern.
The rest of the trip was cool. The shrooms were strong but the main reason I wanted to report this trip was becasue of the mixture that I have seldomely read about.
Moral of the story: Don't smoke D.
And if you eat shrooms do it sparingly.

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