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Cthonic Park

I tripped for the first time last night on shrooms and am rather at a loss of how to describe it.

I tripped for the first time last night on shrooms and am rather at a loss of how to describe it. Me and about 8 people had all purchased an eighth and got together at one of their houses to dose. We started off sitting around listening to Tool and eating them down however we preferred. I was probably the first to go because I hadn't eaten in over 12 hours. We sat around giggling for about 45 minutes when most of us started to feel it and decided to go for a walk out to the park about 2 blocks away. Probably not the smartest idea seeing how it was a very large park with police that patrol it at night (which it was). I first noticed the mild visual hallucinations when we were walking there. I said something akin to the sidewalk was the most beautiful sidewalk I had ever seen in my life, along with the trees and street lights. By the time we got to the park it was starting to really hit and I layed down on the grass next to a stream and through leaves in the air while one of my friends went crazy, not in a bad way though, just squirming all over the ground and running around having fun and laughing. We started to walk around some more when one of the other people who was dosing that night found us and told us we were being totally delerious and if we they stayed around us we were probably going to get busted since they had just seen some cops. Somewhere around this point the trip began to go down hill for me. The light reflecting off the water and the wet grass and mud became a cthonic mess of tendrils and the only way I could phrase what was going on in my head is to say I had just entered some warm festering grotto of insanity meets the spirit of nature. I told the others that I was about to have a bad trip if something didn't change (mainly I needed to get away from my friend who's constant laughing was acting like white noise on my mind) so S. and I walked ahead back to the house. At this point I began to lose concept of time because the two block walk back from the park was the most hellish excruciatingly long walk of my life and I had to stop and sit several times. Eventually me and S. made it back to the house which by this time was filled with drunks, though they were sympathetic to my bad trip the loud noise they were making wasn't exactly what I needed at the time. I retired to my friends room and S. joined me to help me out because he was just beginning to feel it come on. I curled up in a ball on the bed and felt like vomiting for about and hour staring at the carpet, the blanket, the walls, everything was pulsating and breathing and flowing together, but the best part was the cat who kept on climbing up to my face, just these huge pulsating alien eyes staring at me from what seemed to be a cat. Me and S. exchanged words now and then to see how each other were doing and eventually the visuals became so brilliant that I couldn't tell if my eyes were open or closed. I began to feel that the "intelligence" of the mushroom had taken over my body because it felt as if the mushrooms that were sometimes in my dreams were living on and in my body emitting lights in all colors and shapes. Time phased out and so did the knoledge of me being there, I felt as if I were seeing the microbes which were infinitely small and cosmicly significant at the same time and eventually there became so many of them I couldn't make out anything else except for this field of energy and light made up of them. At this point I let go and I felt like was the bed, the cat, the sweat soaked sheets, myself and S. all at the same time. I gathered up the courage to speak ( I was feeling horribly nauseus ) and asked S. if he had felt it too and he said yes. Shortly after the intese psychedelics began to calm down and my stomach began to feel good enough that I was capable of talking and me and S. shot the shit for a while until his ex came in the room and told us to come out to the study where everyone else who had tripped that night was "recovering". By now I was feeling extremely well. Just glowing with love for everything. I went into the room which was filled with people that normally I don't get along with but it was all cool, we just sat there smiling and giggling and talking about the night accompanied by still mild hallucinations, just the walls and the lights breathing and what not. Eventually someone loaded a bowl and we crashed there for the night. All in all I have to say it was the best drug experience I have ever had and I formed some very close bonds with S. throughout the whole thing. Overall I would say it was a borderline level 3 / level 4 experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

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