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Creemy_muck_muck's shifting journey

I have tripped twice before and they have both been a positive experience.

I have tripped twice before and they have both been a positive experience. As this shows its not gonna be the same every time! both times i have had the effect of being able to taste things with my body.

i had been arranging a mushroom sesion at my friends house for nearly 2 weeks and for this one i am bringing a lady friend along who has not tripped before.
there where six of us gonna be there and we where all looking forward to it.

ok i woke up 8:30 am to go to london and get a load of mushrooms for me and my pals

11:00am i get to camden highstreet and wait to meet my lady friend who is going to do mushrooms for the first time

12:00pm i went and got 4 boxes of mushrooms. 2 mexcian 1 indian 1 coloumbian

15:00 we got back to my town and proceeded to walk home. On the way we saw a friend who gave us a lift to my house. we went in to my house said hi to my mum then went up-stairs and had some cake.

16:00 we met up with my chums and started to weigh up our trips i had 10g mexican, the noobie had 10 as well. 20 mins later i started to notice the effects, i had colourfull traces trailing softly behind everything that moved, random silly thourghts and feelings of pure hilarity plus vivid time distortion my 3D perception went so every thing looked like a cardboard cut out.

17:00 we went to a near by childs park witch is the strangest place i have seen even when not trippin out its all made of curved poles and there are spinning objects every where, a suspended plat form and the uasual slides swings ect. the ground in the playground is colourfull with blues, yellows, greens, oranges'. This place was the best so we tripped out their for a bit. i sat with my lady friend who is now feeling comfotable with the effects of the mushrooms but was still a bit daized.

17:30 a family comes to the park so we decide to move on and look at the river no one wants to trip infront of children. A dog owner walked past me and my pals and her dogs name was "gentle" so when she called its name she would say "gentle come" which our dirty minds ound verry funny indeed. we stopped off in another local park and smoked some fags.

17:45 we go back to my friends house to smoke a spliff (hash). this made me totaly "mash up" and my trip went to the next level i was enjoying it and me and my lady friend decided to eat some more mushrooms (5g mexican)

***i wont be able to tell u any more times because i had servire time dialation***

about an hour later we sent one of the crew out to pick up some skunk, so its about 18:00 when he came back

me and my first time tripper where laying on a bed just the 2 of us with our eyes shut coverd with blankets i was having strong 2D visuals and decided to turn the light out which was FUN FUN FUN!! i sat with my friend and chatted asking her if she is ok reassuring her that she is safe, telling her the time, and letting her chose the CD she wanted to listen to.

maybe 2 hours after the person came back to the house with the skunk and pulled out a ready rolled spliff which a friend had dont for him as he knows that a tripper takes way to long to roll a spliff. the rest of my crew returned to the bed room and i sat up. my lady friend did not for a nother 30 mins as she was in her own little hole.

a period of time later we went back to the crazy park and smoked some more skunk their.

i was walking around with no balance and could hardly see through me extream 3D visuals things where seeming to be "one" with "all" then i hstarted to get this piercing sound in my cranium this frightend me as i diddnt know this would happen. i fell to the floor and curled up in a ball holding my head. i started to get out of controll thourghts in my head i was paranoid of having a split personality and i thourght my lady friend was in troble and i started to worry as her dad is a super intendant at a near police station. and this is where i saw a holographic monster bug in my minds eye i could feel it worming its way and consuming my sub consiousness this bug looked like one of the bombs on sonic 2's bonous level but it had a metalic geometrical pattern made of golds deep purples blues greens and silver and i could also taste and smell this bug, this bug tasted of solvent and smelled a cross between ear wax and shit it was nasty. i then came to the conclusion i was having a "bad one" i had read erowid's trip reports and decided to practice some advice. i was repeting to my self "im going to win!" "This is not real!" "it is just the effects of the mushrooms and i will feel ok soon!" and then i tryed to stand up and walk but i had no balance i felt sick and dizzy. i then started to fall over and i was convinced, there was no ground and that i was floating and spinning round in giant circles, every thing was evil and scary.

as i span round and round and round i passed out for a few seconds and suposedly i was repeting "no!! i will win"
my friends held me under the arms and helped me along my way back to his room. on the way my surroundings all merged into one and the road surface had oriental patterns all over it and was bending at the end and comming towards me.

my friends where verry good and stay'd calm. untill somone mentiond my friends mum being at home. This mum is cool she understands drugs and their effects so she wouldnt freak out and i felt safe and secure over at the house.

i then started to tell my crew about my experienceand the paranoia and feelings of psycosis.

every one was reassuring me i would be ok and tomorrow it would just be a memory!

i was given some spaghetti bolognaise and ate it all up after that I felt 10 times better.

its now 2 days since this "bad one" and i have been having flashbacks of the smells and flavors of my "brain bug". I hope this passes as its not pleasant

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