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well yesterday i had my first shroom experience.

well yesterday i had my first shroom experience. I obayed some rules of shrooming, but not all me and my friend went out, she had already done it before and said not to do too much. she said with these shrooms,(she sold to me)i should only do 2-3 grams my first trip. Well, having no idea how scary they can be, i took 5. Well at first i didn't feel anything for 40 minutes then i started to feel sick. So we smokeda doobie to try and feel better. 20 minutes later i started feeling really bad about myself. I got a huge body buzz and i felt like i was on a hill. I started to feel depresed and i told my friend that i didn't want to be high anymore. Thats very unlike me because i love my drugs and always enjoy them. My friend told me to hang in there and that if i ever feel bad, that i should just think happy thoughts. The only problem was, was that i couldnt think! There were voices inside my head speaking my thoughts, only it wasn't my voice. There was a women speaking in spanish and a native american (mexican) language. I couldn't understand it as i have no connections with native people. i told her that i wanted to go home and i noticed that the tree was dripping, but it kept regenerating itself. I looked at the dirt and i saw cartoon characters underneath it. It was like there was a layer of dirt then under it a layer of cartoons. I looked in this warped window and i saw all these faces. As i started walking home, i saw this dog walking and i swear it was talking to me telepathically. It told me it was satan. It told me that satan is the energy that seperates man from beast. I beleived it even tho im not religious. Along the sidewalk as i was walking home, i noticed coloured beads dancing along making pictures. One of them was a horse rearing and trying to kick me, it front legs then seperated and it turned into buddah.i got home and looked in the mirror and my pupils were as big a dinner plates. I looked in them and there were faces in them! I told my parents i was sick. They beleived me and i tried to go to sleep. I have this Zig-Zag poster on my room wall and i discovered i had the skill to pull letters off the page. I looked at my bed sheets and saw them moving in waves. But soon i felt really sad and i thought i was going to die. I was really scared. Do Not Underestimate Shrooms. I waited for hours. THen suddenly it was over. I went downstairs and had some dinner and fell asleep
the end

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