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crazy shit

Me and my friends had some shroomz.

Me and my friends had some shroomz. I did about 4-5 grams. I had only done it once before so it was a lot for me. I did it at night, which was the biggest problem. After about an hour, it started kicking in, everything started to change form. We all watched a movie on the couch and in the middle of it, I got up and started walking home. I didnt care if I was going to get in trouble from my parents, it didnt matter. My friend quickly joined me and told me to come back. I didnt listen, I just kept on walking. My other friend drove up the hill and forced me to get into the car. I was starting to freak out, I got scared of everything, I started to split away from the world. Time was eternal. After about 3 hours of this,and me wanting to go asleep, but my friend telling me to stay awake, I returned to reality. This was a very scary trip! Anyone who reads this can you tell me if its true that during a trip, if u sleep,u have nightmares? and also, is the trip worse during the night because I took a little bit less the previous time and it was during the day and I was just fine, I just had the giggles? thanx for all replies to this

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