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Endless Tunnel

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Hello. I'm here to document my first mushroom trip. But first, a little background about me. I'm a 17 year old guy who, until the beginning of this school year, was completely straight-edge. I'm extremely shy, perhaps one could call me socially inept. Until this trip, the only drug I had done was marijuana. I'd like to consider myself an intelligent person, one who never delves into the unknown without a bit of information and a cautious state of mind.
Anyway, I acquired some shrooms after becoming interested in them through a friend, and soon I had about 3/8 to be shared with 2 friends of mine. My hook-up had warned me that although these shroms were great, they were not as visually potent as others he'd had. Anyway, we went up to a local park around sunset in the Berkeley hills, sat, and hung out with a couple girls my friend C knows (we just happened to run into them). They were really stoned, and we busted out the shrooms. They actually tasted quite fine, not entirely unlike what I would imagine wood to taste like. After about 15 minutes, I could feel the first effects. I became very lightheaded, yet my body became overwhelmingly heavy. The girls were talking a mile a minute, and I kept rocking my head back, the energy draining from my body. I started to feel a bit queasy, but I didn't freak out, as I expected it. As described to me, the stomach pain was fleeting, and soon I was beginning to feel, well, good. Elated. Soon the girls had to go home, and my friends and I began walking over to a tunnel, which was simply a walkway under the street, embedded in the hill. It leads to the main part of the aforementioned park. The tunnel seemed, well, infinite. I knew for certain that it was only about 30 feet long, but as I went inside, it appeared to engulf me in its darkness, and swallow me up whole. It was very odd, but too interesting to be negative. We reached the end, and before us was a massive world of grass and trees with a night sky hanging above us. We spotted a bench in a sandbox area for kids, and sat down. C and my other friend, B, began playing with the sand and grabbing handfuls and running it through their fingers. I sat, and stared at the way a lampost relfected light on the miniature sand dunes. It appeared to be a small city. The swing to my left seemed to have chains that would move on their own, the chains' shadows rippling and moving like tentacles, part of some amorphous squid-like creature. I was enraptured by what I saw, and notified my friends of this.
B and myself think alike, and we began attempting to have some sort of philosophical discussion, which was difficult, as I kept mixing up verb tenses in almost every sentence. We laughed and laughed until we hurt, and tears streamed down my face at the shear joy I felt. We concluded that the man (or men) that wrote the Bible (we're both rabid atheists) must have been on some sort of psychedelic drug, and that it was hilarious that they managed to ceate and control an army of mindless, insufferable, mantra-driven Christians. Meanwhile, C was sitting next to us, muttering about cops and occasionally saying "shhhh" when he believed a cop was nearby. I kept telling him that the park was devoid of people, and nobody driving on the road would see us.
C eventually had the brilliant idea to go for a walk. In fact, we named him our Ironic Leader, since he's not really the leader type. We got up and by now the trip was in full swing. I was seeing a transparent layer, a sort of double vision, super-imposed on top of everything. My depth perception had gone to hell, as the grass below me was constantly shifting and changing in its distance to me. We managed to stumble up a slight grade to a baseball field about 50 yards away. The sky looked even more beautiful here, and I watched the trees become further away, then closer. By this time, walking was difficult to do normally, as I kept swaying in every direction and laughing. We stopped and B pointed out what appeared to be an overpass on the road about 70 yards away. But it wasn't. I knew for a fact that there definitely was no overpass. Yet there it was. I still don't know what it was, although I'm sure it wasn't an hallucination. It was probably some part of a house that looked odd in the darkness and because of the shrooms. We walked back through the tunnel to check out the other side, talked some more, and ate candy that we'd brought (a great triptoy.) :Þ
Eventually, we stumbled back to the local university that is embedded in our town, and walked back to B's house as our trip wore off.
I apologize for the length of this account; I hope anyone reading it finds it interesting. I will certainly be doing shrooms again as soon as possible. Oh yeah, this should be more than a single paragraph, but something about this website's setup won't let me create new ones. Happy tripping everyone. PLUR.

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