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Crazy for a day

My day began early.

My day began early. Too early for a stoner. I was glad to get up though. I had a big day infront of me. First of them was a chruch retreat that my mother was making me go to. That would be done by about 3:00 pm. The second thing was to get my ass to Hurley, WI, at Whitecap Mtn. Me and some friends had reservations at a shallet there. Me and my buddy Matt went out shopping the night before to purchase supplies for the snowboarding trip- half oz. of shrooms, oz. o' bud, and 12 hits of blotter acid. Quite the expencive collection but, it was to last us the whole time we were snowboarding at Whitecap Mtn.
I awoke at about 5 am, got dressed, and packed the trunk of my Oldsmobile with snowboarding gear and clothes. When I fetched the shrooms and cid out of my jacket I paused.
"I know these are for this weekend but,...they do look good. Ummmm...", I thought.
Right away I ate a handfull, maybe about 3 grams, of the shrooms and put 3 hits of acid on my toung before I went to pick up Matt. When I got there, he already had a doobie rolled. As we were smokin it he started talking about the shrooms.
"The last time I got shrooms from that guy, they blew my mind," he was saying. I could tell what he was gettin around to.
"You wanta gobble some right now," I asked.
"Oh yea!"
So I let him in on my little secret by sticking out my tounge. He took about the same dose as me. Now were on our way, high as a kite, picking shrooms out of our teeth with our tounges.
It was a cold morning but we were going to trip balls ,(we had no choice now), we had things to do too. What ever came our way we were going to handle it. That confidence prompted me to roll down my window and ENJOY the way cold wind stings your face. We went to a little diner for some early morning grub. It was full of rednex and farmers! We sat at the only table there was open, right in the middle of the restaurant. It was about the time that the waitress brought us our menus that it started to happen. The waitress came to out table and I was sure she said," Nice red eyes!...Fukin stoners"
I let out kinda of a little shriek and my buddy hit me in the arm. Then the waitress left and came back with a pot of coffee, a mug for Matt, and a glass of orange juice with ice in it for me.
"What luck",I thought "I flipped out and she brings me what I wanted."
At this point, it think when Matt was starting up too, he pointed out to me that "The farmers are looking at us!"
I turned around and saw an old man with huge tits! Then I bolted for the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and washed my face. When I walked out, everybody WAS looking at me. I sat down at the table and withdrew the switchblade that I always carried with me from my pocked, opened it, and hid it under my napkin. I nice surprize for the first redneck who comes after me. It was a matter of time before the croud in that diner tried to kill us.
When our food came we ate quickly. We wanted to get out of there. We went to the church to catch the bus for the retreat. We were late. But the lady there told us where the place was...it was in town. Good, now we can burn on the way there. When we got there we were pretty shitfaced. Matt convinced me to do the talking.
This place was an old convent (nun house). There were dark hallways with little bedrooms on both sides all the way down. We walked in the front doors and found a lady who looked like she worked there. We walked up to her and I don't know what I said but she gave me some directions. I kept asking her, "what floor?...what floor?" Then finally, judging by her reactions, I think I understood. I followed her directions and we ended up in the bathroom.
On our way to find some help, we stumbled across the group I recognized from school and this must be our group. They were watching some dumb god film. Matt and I went in and sat on the floor aginst the wall in the back of the room. That movie took forever! By this time my balls have been tripped. This is one of the hardest trips I've ever had. And I was in a bad place too.
When the movie was over, and the lights came on, I had to get out of that place. I turned to Matt and...where is Matt? Furthermore, who the hell are all these people? I don't recognize any of these people! Then I started sweating buckets and rubbing my knife. I freaked and ran out of the room then down the hallway.
I laid down in one of the nun's rooms for a while. Then I thought "Bad stuff is happening. I need good stuff to happen." Shrooms are good. I ate a couple of caps then went looking for Matt. He was on the third floor. He understood the directions that lady gave and went right away. While I was asking her "what floor?", he was going there. He didn't sit down with me in the back of a room or go to the bathroom with me.
This scared me. We went and sat in one of those rooms and just chilled for a while.
When we came out, it was lunch time. I was glad to have this trip under control. We ate sloppy joe's and then dropped some more acid.
The rest of the retreat went by with out any bad hallusonations. We just hung around and talked to people. It was pretty cool. It got done at about 2:30. We went down to the Olds and hot boxed er. From Green Bay to Hurley, with a couple of pit stops, I figured about 4 hours. We each munched a handfull of shrooms and washed it down with a couple of snapples from the Shell station. Aw...Kiwi Strawberry Cocktail. It was so good. I finished it before we got out of the parking lot. I went back in and bought 3 more. I drank them all in a row. I just couldn't get enough. As I finished my last one, put the cap on and threw it in the back seat.
As we were getting on to the highway, I looked in back seat. The cap was off and Snapple was spilling all over the pillow seats with crushed velvet fabric. AW SHIT! I abandoned the wheel to tend to the spill. It wasn't real but, my car swerved accross 2 lanes and went into the ditch a little before Matt grabed the wheel and got us back on the road. That was really bad! So I put Junkie XL in the cd player and Matt twisted a fattie-bo-battie. We cruised and everything was fine. About 2 1/2 hours into the journey we decided we needed to trip harder yet! Being that the acid was gone we turned our full attention to the shrooms. We munched on the magically delicous treats.
When we got to the ski hill, I went to the front desk. I remember what I said," I'm here now...uh...my friend is with me...uh...uh...ummm...were're meeting friends...were all friends...were're not going to be drinking or doing drugs if that is what you are worried about...uh..ummm...yes...uh...Where is it?...Grenoble...our shallet's name...I'm fine thank you...just a little tired...long drive...ya know...long...ummm...yea. Soooooo, what are you going to do now?"
Aw shit! I was sure I was busted! She's gonna stall me until the police show up to arrest me! Maybe we should bail right now? I didn't think that I was that fuked up!
The lady turned out to be quite helpful and courteous. She gave me a map and traced where I should go in blue pen and also told me. Then she took me to the window and showed me.
I was so excited. I got away with it. I kept stammering and studdering ," Ok...well...then...uh...you have a nice nite...this is my friend Matt. He is here with me...uh...coooo...coooo...cooooo...cooo." We found our schallet and had a hell of a time.

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