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CRAZY first trip confused need help

It was a beautiful summer afternoon, i had read a lot about mushrooms the night before to get ready.

It was a beautiful summer afternoon, i had read a lot about mushrooms the night before to get ready. I was so excited I was with 2 experienced trippers. We drove downtown to meet the dealer and i ate a head and some peices of stems, we originally planned to have about 1.7 oz each(1/2 slice) but i think i got the most after it was divided up.

We sat out on my friends porch waiting for it to kick in, and they decided to smoke some pot. I was skeptical at first but my friend said it was a good idea. I have smoked a lot of pot but lately ive had an anxious reaction to it and sometimes ive even panicked.

This is the part where my memory comes and goes. I noticed when it started to kick in objects were fluxuating and swerving, i started to get dazed and confused. Next thing i know im in my other friends house across town and we all start to realize that things arent working out great. Everything has become fluid and is melting down with gravity and blending together. I am scared and i don't know why this is happening. The strangest part of the trip is that i dont remember eating the mushrooms. My friends tell me what we have done and i accept it for a breif moment but then my state of confusion returns. I finally get the idea that i am tripping on acid (which i never have) and this explanation sticks in my brain. I ran throughout the neighborhood screaming at the top of my lungs that i am tripping on acid. I think i can run through fences and walls and have scars to this day. I look at my hand it is distant but huge and of strange proportions while it stretches and grows without changing size. I blink and it starts to squiggle like a fish back and forth and it is all very strange.

The whole experience seemed odd and scary but strangely 6 months later i have a desire to try mushrooms again. I am researching to find out why i couldnt remember eating them and what other factors could have caused this state of confusion and panic. I have not been able to find anything on temporary memory loss while on shrooms however. If you have any advice or tips for me they would be greatly appreciated. As i am well aware of the positive effects i envy those who have had enjoyable and lifechanging experiences on shrooms. If you have any facts or advice for me it would be GREATLY appreciated as i hope to one day have better luck.
Thank you

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