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Crazy First Time

Yeah man.

Yeah man..so I've been a stoner for about a year and a half..and I've always wanted to do mushies...I did salvia and that was cool but was only a 2 min. trip..so one day me and 3 buddies decide to finally get some, so we buy a nick and split it 4 ways, about a 20 a piece. So we all eat them,except for one and start jamming and I don't really feel much so after about 40 min. we go outside and start a bonfire.

Well, it was quite the windy night, so...smart as we are, we used gas to start it, we threw the match on and it nearly blew up, it was nuts, so I'm just kind of sitting around waiting for it, the other 2 start feeling it, and im kind of bumming because I'm pretty sober, so we decide to smoke a fat 2 bowls, so we smoke that and I start feeling everything.

I start by laying in the field and just staring at the sky, it was so clear, and it was just so profound, and amazing, like, looking at the stars meant something to me, like we were just a dot in a galaxy and who knows who might be looking back, well as I think that, I see a plane, which then turns into a "UFO" haha, so I'm like woah man, and I run over to the guys and try to tell them what im seeing but all thats coming out of my mouth is "Guys! Guys...dude check, guys! seriously guys!" so I just kind of sit down.

By then its full swing, I'm fucked, trippin major balls, so my sober buddy decides to pick up 2 of our friends, so I decide to get in the car and go with him. bad idea. Well I'm loving everything, its like flying, all of a sudden I just "wake up" and I don't know where I am, and I feel sick to shit, like I'm dying. so we pull over, I think Im going to be sick but I never am, so we drive and pick up our friends, and I go "dude...I'm freaking the fuck out, I'm dying" and her face just twists up and shes like "man...its all in your head.." and it just replayed through my head all night. So, we make it back to the house, the other 2 are tripping crazy by the fire, ones like humping a tree..I don't really know, but I feel like im dying. I just lay down and I feel so sick, and the weed gave me wicked cottonmouth so it felt hard to breath, so I start like twitching, and like shaking, and by then Im so scared, and time flew out the window, damn it felt like a week had gone by, and I look at my watch and its been 5 min. I realize its going to last a lot longer, so I just try to relax, I'm contemplating suicide because of how I feel and I was thinking it had been a few days and people were looking for me. So we finally make it inside to watch a Woodstock '69 movie. I'm tripping the entire time,but it was an awesome trip because I had calmed down and after about an hour, we see our buddies dad walk in, and he looks at us, and my other buddy is in the other room with a girl and his dad fucking kicks down the door, we hear him screaming at him and my buddy is just pleading, and his dad walks in, Im thinking we're gonna get our asses kicked, and he kicks us out on the street at 3AM, tripping balls, in the middle of the country, atleast 8 miles from my house. I'm freaking out again because of that, everythings turning red, and my head is just spinning, everything around me is like melting away, fucked up. so I start walking with my friends and the road is like black snakes underneath my shoes, and I'm seeing my 2 friends dissappear and reappear right in front of me. I finally make it home, sober up a bit, see myself in the mirror, and BOOM hits me again full force.

It was a messed up first time, the entire time I was watching myself and everyone through a movie, like I was outside of my body and shit. It was messed up but totally worth it haha.

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