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crazy ass trippin

my craziest trip was when one of my mates had a free house.

my craziest trip was when one of my mates had a free house. it was around the 5th time i had done mushrooms so i was getting confident with them. so i bought 60gs of columbians. in my first brew i put in just 10g's and i just felt stoned so i downed another 40 soon after. then about 30mins later they just all kicked in. the first thing i remember is that all the different conversations and music just became one blur of noise, but i just felt as though i was understanding it all. but when i tried 2 speak i cudnt. until the guy whose house it was spoke 2 me, and 4 sum reason i cud speak fine to him.around an hour l8r i was at the peak of the trip and i really needed a piss. i walked 2 the toilet only 2 find the door was chained. but i knew how to open it, i turned around then turned back and it was open. when in the bathroom i got out my tackle and the second i started pising my head started spinning. the toilet bowl came alive and the next thing i know the face in the bog is sucking me off. after this i just went and relaxed. and started cuming back 2 reality.

u might b thinking 10g's and 40g's is only 50.
ur right i was so fucked i actually gave awy 10g's. i regret that now.

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