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i have done shrooms many times in my life, but nothing compares to my last trip.

i have done shrooms many times in my life, but nothing compares to my last trip. It first started at my friend's house where I downed 4.5 grams of good shrooms. It did not take long to kick in. I was just sitting down watching some t.v. and then i felt this intense body high.I never felt this high ever before so i got up and asked my friend to come for a walk with me. As we were walking i started to have a big head trip everything that was going on in my life good or bad i would think about in such a crazy way in which i could not explain. So for a while i thought i was going crazy. Once i got back from the walk i asked my friend if he could take me home. but he could not so i just went back into the house and layed down to gather my self. Once i got my head straight i started to walk around and thats when the visuals kick in. The visuals that i saw did not compare to any other visual i have seen on any other drug. At first things on the wall started to float from one wall to another. then everything else started to float around and fly all over the place. this went on for a while. during this i started to talk to my friend who's house it was and he started rewinding and did the same thing for a minute or two. The next day when i told this to him he told me that i never did speak to him. After i thought i spoke to him i had my friend take me home. while i was in the car i thought the car was flying and i saw the trees and all the things on the road float up. once i got home. I just laid in my bed and thats when the visuals left. but its still not over. the last part of my trip was i thought i was the inventer of gum. that was the last of the heavy trip.

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