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Cops Suck

My good friend from High school had left for the year because his parents lived in Hong Kong.

My good friend from High school had left for the year because his parents lived in Hong Kong. We kept in contact playing Diablo over the internet and e-mail and ICQ and things, and we talked about tripping together when he came back for 2 weeks of summer. He came back, and we hooked up and we partied for like 2 weeks. On the last Night we wanted to trip BAlLZ, so we split a ten strip of Purple Gel LSD, and decided to go around town all night, cause it was a beauttiful night and all that jazz...

Also I had a case ( 24) of whipit's ( Nitrous Oxide ) and a few balloons. after like an hour we had left all of the friends we were with, and just went a walking.. we went through old neighborhoods we used to pplay in, and went through parks, then we decided to head downtown. The town was amazing, but being a college town, at 3 AM there were a lot of drunk frat boys we didn't want to deal with at the time, so we went onto the campus. we found an awesome bridge that was in the da! rk, with a stream going underneath it. That's where we decided to hit the nitrous. for anyone that has hit NO while tripping, you know what I'm talking about, but We went crazy!!

Then we decided to chill on that, cause a guy walked by and saw us like lieing on the ground talking incoherentley very loudly. but we were sitting there, and a Cop started to walk up... everything went Super slow motion, like in a movie when there is an action scene, but tripping as hard as we were, and being under age at the time ( curfew sucks too ) we grabbed our backpacks and ran harder and faster than we ever have before. A cop seeing someone yell run, and flee off, each grabbing a bag, thought something was up. he chased after us for about 5 minutes, but the adrenaline and chance of being caught gave us an advangtage. He got back in the car, while we hid under some bushes, and started the siren and shit. eventually we did get back out of town, but The rest of the night we sat in a park and talked about how crazy everything that happened was.

Then it started raining, and being comfortable with myself, hot, and CRaZy for the moment, we both stripped to our underwear and let the rain wash us off... it was like it took everything bad that happened, that was bringing us down, and washed it away... then we put our clothes on, and at 8 am our friends came to get us, being a little wet, a lot changed, and having some awesome fucking stories to tell.... I've seen that cop since then though, and thought to my self " you don't remeber me, do ya mother fucker?? "

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