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Emotional Heaven

I had never tried taking that much psilocybe mushrooms before.

I had never tried taking that much psilocybe mushrooms before.
And often the entire experience got covered up in marijuana.

But, two weeks ago I felt really good! It was a perfect day!
After getting some private things strait with a girl, I was all eased up and relaxed inside.

So I said to my self "Why not draw this into some good use, and take some mushrooms?".
I have never been much fan of things I wasn't in control off... So I was a bit careful about this.
(More on this control aspect later).
But never the less... I went into a shop, and got the best mushrooms money could buy. From The
Amazon... the best, well the most expensive (Shrooms are perfectly legal here in Denmark).
Also got some snacks and soda in a store. Basically things I just wanted!

Got home, turned my phone off... Got things arrange in my bedroom.
And then I laid down, and started listening to some Ambient music.
I sad there for an hour, writing a few things down I had on my mind.

Then when I felt like it was time, I ate 1½ gram of mushrooms.
And said sat down again in my bed, doing the same things as before.
Eating a little good, drinking some soda...

After a while, I closed my eyes, enjoying the music.
Then 60 minutes passed before I felt anything.... At a point, I was thinking "Man, the guy in the
shop sold me normal mushrooms!!". But no way! they where real!

I was laying somewhat uncomfortable the first moment, and then the next moment, it felt like the
bed became formed with millimetres precision after my back!
Goose-bumps spread all over my body, and I suddenly felt every single inch of my skin sharper
than ever.
I was so over-runned that I forgot to breath for a moment... didn't expect it to sneak in on me like

For 10 minutes, I was just fascinated by, and enjoying that feeling I got there.
Then I started the notice the music sounding a bit different.
It sounded much more clear. It was much easier breaking the music up into instruments, focusing
on individual parts of it. There was sort of an echo, but then again not....!

Everything slowly build up... and all the feeling and sense started blending together.
I started seeing some patterns when I closed my eyes, that followed the music.
And I felt like my body became one with the music... (That is not that unusual for me, since I do a
lot of dancing at clubs).

I was trying to make sense of all this... but then just said to my self "Hey, this is the new world you
are presented, enjoy!".

And that's when all the wonderful things started!
This is the part that is hard to explain!

But, long story short. Every time I had a nice feeling in my head, it got duplicated after a few
I can't possible explain what it was like. I guess it's something that you have to experience first

I was in my bed for 8 hr. after the shrooms first kicked in... Just feeling like I was on the bottom of
an ocean.... an ocean of all the positive words human have ever written in history!
It was so far out! I was crying of joy!
Something I have only tried one or two times before. But never anything close to this!
Anything could pop into my head... "A office-chair". And I would be wasted over how wonderful
the concept of a chair is!!

And none of this joy was based on material things, social things or physical things. They where
purely in my mind!

So, I was in an heaven of positive emotions... getting flooded by feelings, just taking me over

I slept for 14 hr. after that... And woke up, not knowing if I had been dreaming this amazing thing.
Even if I had, I had still been in heaven!

The Control aspect? I had complete control of what I was thinking, nothing took over, I was
presented with a amazingly positive view of this world... and I travel it my way.

Well... Some of you might think I have been putting to much into this rapport. But when I read it...
the simple words doesn't even comes close, to coming close to explaining how it was!

I think it was a mix of a perfect timing, preparation and just keep letting my mind float! every time I
got a feeling, just taking it, let it be to me!

That's it... A trip that I'm still high on, weeks later! :)

By the way: Sorry for my English, it's not my first language.

- The Zebra

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