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Controlled hallucinations

This may not quite be a level 4 trip, but it was alot stronger then a level 3.

This may not quite be a level 4 trip, but it was alot stronger then a level 3. Anyways. This happened last 4th of July when my cousin was visiting me. We got ahold of a quarter oz of shrooms and decided to split them evenly, giving us both 1/8. We're both pretty experienced shroomers, I've done them 6 times before this, and had done 3g's on my last trip. This was a half gram more, and it turns out thats all I needed to rocket up to a whole new level of reality.

We made some tea out of the shrooms (which wasnt bad at all) and drank it around 9 in the morning. The effects really started to kick in for both of us at a little after 9:30. I would feel these intense waves of emotion flow through me. Sometimes they were so strong it was like I was being hit by lighting, they would literally start at my head and sweep down to my feet. Im not sure how much sense that makes but its the best I can describe it. Everything in the room seemed real bright and almost fake, like it was just painted onto a canvas. I got up and turned on some music, Ween sounded like it was be good right now. I would recommend the song "A tear for Eddie" from them, it was AMAZING! The whole thing is just a good beat with this tripped out guitar solo. I would just float away and melt with every note. Then everything in the house would kinda sway back and forth like trees in the wind. The seemed to be waving with the beat of the music, but then I relized it wasnt moving to the beat, but they would almost mimic the movement of my head. If I swayed to the right, everthing swayed with me, and to the left and so on. It was amazing. At one time I really bent myself almost to the point where I fell over, and the room bent the whole way with me untill the room was almost curved at a 90 degree angle. I then noticed it was a damn nice day out so we decided to escape into nature. My backyard was just insane. It GLOWED with color and life. I ran around for what seemed like days examining everything with great detail. I thought laying down in the cool grass would be nice, and I have never been more correct. I felt like every blade of grass was an individual being and they were all holding me up off the ground so I wouldnt get dirty. I felt so intact and connected to the earth, it was great. I picked a blade of grass off the lawn and just stared at it, almost waiting for it to talk to me. It didnt talk, but just melted into my hand and mixed with the color of my skin. My hand had swirls of green all over it! This kinda freaked me out so I jumped up and started to brush the grass off of me before they turned me completly green, haha. I relized I was just trippin so I trashed the idea of little grass people trying to take over my body and went back inside. It turned out we were outside for only an hour, which amazed the hell out of me.

The rest of the trip just consisted of some mild bending of certain things around me house, walls breathing in and out, and geometric patterns flashing on the ceilings that changed whenever I blinked. I did alot of deep thinking also, mainly about my life and what I can do to improve it. It was all pretty positive. My trip then started to wear off and I came down fairly quick. I felt fucking great afterwards. The rest of the day went wonderfull, it seemed like I was in this state of euphoria untill the time I hit the sack. This was one of the best trips I had ever had. My respect for the mushroom has grown even more.


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