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i found out that a friend of mine that usually slangs bud was also selling mushrooms.

i found out that a friend of mine that usually slangs bud was also selling mushrooms. so i went to the place where we usually hang out and found that all my friends were already shrooming it. i wanted to try those shrooms too because it had been such a long time since i hadn't done them. but it turned out that he was fresh out but he had some at home and i would get my share the next day.

so the next day i was waiting for him outside an elementary school. it was saturday so there were no kids or teachers in there. i was with a few other people but only four of us were gonna shroom it. when my friend showed up he hooked us up with two eighths of goldcaps two of my friends split an eighth and i ate most of mine right away after i got em and washed them down with orange jiuce. but felt sorry for one of my friends that wanted to try them for a long time so i gave him a few stems and two caps. after that i decided to smoke some chronic. i felt high but no sign of the effects of the mushrooms yet.it had been about fifteen/twenty minutes since i had taken them when we decided to jump into the school. we sat down at a table and i was feeling very high when my friend started vomiting. this was about 25 mins since we took them. and everyone started tripping but me so i started skating on the tables when all of a sudden the tables started moving and i almost fell off the table... and thats when my trip began.

i turned around to look at my friends and they seemed to be moving too. i sat down on top of the table still feeling like it was swaying from side to side. the walls seemed to be breathing and looked very colorful. the floor looked like it was the ocean and the table i was sitting on was my boat. i realized that i was tripping out so i decided to get off the table and sit somewhere else. as i climbed down the wall seemed to be wanting to eat me I WAS FALLING INTO THE WALL!!! one of my friends startled me and was telling me about how great everything was. i didnt want to ignore him but i walked away . i couldnt skate anymore... the ground was moving way too much. as i walked out of what seemed to be an aztec ruins made up of tables i started having thoughts of what i was and why i was here. everytime i thought i had the answer another question came and my mind started going in circles. it was too overwhelming. so i sat down in front of some grass. the grass looked awesome it started swiriling and looked like liquid. i looked up and the sky seemed to be swirling too as if the sky was reflecting the grass the sky looked green too. everything was right with the world againi started laughing and couldnt stop. i decided to draw and i started talking to my drawing. telling it things like "shut up" and "dont worry about it" my drawing was asking me too many questions and it was starting to annoy me. again i wondered why? why is everything the way it is? i still couldnt find any answers my brain got stuck and i felt i was dead but came back to life after a few seconds. then the friends of mine that werent shrooming it decided to steal stuff from the school and break into the classrooms. they came out yelling that the cops were on their way inside . so i startes running towards the fence and i almost forgot my skateboard inside. as i ran i was very confused. where are the cops? why do we need cops? wich way are they coming from? all this confusion seemed funny to me and i was laughing even as i climbed the fencei had been tripping for about five hours inside the school. but as soon as i was out the visuals started dying out but i still had many questions. we decided to buy some beer and blaze at a park. i had fun that day but i couldnt answer any questions i had. overall it was a great trip.

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