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Complete Chaos

the other night i was with some friends at a small house party.

the other night i was with some friends at a small house party. we decided to do extasy-which ive done before. the first time i did it i was floored and after that every experience has been different but not as nearly as good as the first. a couple of times i felt ripped off. anyways so i drop my pill and a couple hours later didnt really feel it. so i smoked a bowl and sipped on some beer. there was a cup of shroom tea going around so i decided to take a couple of sips not realizing how potent it was. it tasted damn good too so it was easy to drink. i had talked to a girl earlier that night and told her how i usually dont feel the e and she told me to take another but i had no money so i told her i would if i could. a couple minutes later she comes up to me with another pill and some water. i coulnt refuse. so i dropped the other pill right when i was starting to feel the shrooms. the floor was moving in weird ways and the sweater i had on which was tan looked pink to me. so i went outside to smoke and i ended up melting into this chair and actually feeling like i had become the chair. since i didnt quite feel the first hit of e i took and i took a second and drink the shroom tea i was feeling it all at once! i started trippin so hard i had to close my eyes and try to think good thoughts. i sat on the porch until the morning hours with my eyes shut focusing on the sounds a bird was making. i felt calm and peaceful even though i was very overwhelmed at first. i will definitely shroom again-but maybe ill try it by itself next time...

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