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Complete bliss 1st trip

First, I need to start with some background information about my previous attemps to trip on shrooms.

First, I need to start with some background information about my previous attemps to trip on shrooms. The first time i had shroom tea but it wasnt strong enough to have any real effects. The second time I ate 6 fresh shrooms and got a little buzzed but not anything close to tripping.

Earlier yesterday i went to a freinds house and bought 7 grams of dried shrooms. I was determined to trip this time. I got home and I had to mow the grass =(. Then my dad made hamburgers i knew eating might effect my trip so i didnt take any. I waited for everyone in my house to fall asleep before ingesting the shrooms (except my brother hes always up).

I ate them in my room, they tasted like crackers or peanuts. I loved the taste. 5 minuites after ingesting I got online. The first effects started setting i at this time. I felt mildly stonned but without the "tingling" that weed gives me and everything seemed alot smoother than weed.
i decided to walk around for a little bit so i walked down my street looking at the street lights and saw how they kind of looked like stars. I came back home and ate the one remaining shroom that i had. Then I got back into the computer. This is when they really started kicking in. I looked at the words on the screen and they all kind of wiggled and moved to the techno cd I was playing. Thats when i started listening to the music. The music seemed very physical like I could touch it. The sounds were kind of pulling me "under" the music. I turned my head to a plant thats on the desk. It shifted into this little creature (that i thought was the forest god at the time) and it did what I thought was short ritual dance before it jumped back to its place and became the plant again.

Things at this point start to get a little bit fuzzy (it wasnt near the peak yet.) one of my friends told me to walk around the house and just look at everything. I grabbed a really big blanket and looked at all of the colors and patters on it, it was amazing. The best feeling ever to me was being wraped up in something, it felt sooooo goooood i cant even explain it. It was kind of like my body was melting into the softness of the blanket. ( I had something wraped around me for the rest of the trip)So I went downstairs. It felt kind of like I was floating. I went downstairs and saw my dog I rubbed my face on its fur and petted it then walked around a few minuites before i remembered I was supposed to be going to the refigerator. I was about to open the door before I looked into my dogs eyes. Just staring at me, and me staring back. I could see deep into my dogs soul I could feel what it was feeling for a split second. And i remember how it didnt blink once when i was staring at it for what seemed like 5 minuites. Some colors around my dogs head caught my attention and I snapped out of the trance. I opened the refrigerator and the light hitting the foil over the leftovers and everything in there was shining it was a really pretty sight. I Grabbed a bottle of water and went upstairs. When I was going up the stairs something in my head was telling me that I am a king or a god something around there. If anyone has seen The Chronicals of riddick they will understand this part. I thought i was seeing the world through the undervirse because of what they said in the movie, How everything in the undervirse is perfect. I went back upstairs on the computer and started looking around at everything and I looked behind me down this hall and at the end of the hall (where a light cast a shadow) The shadow morphed into two people and they started dancing to the music I was playing. I decided to go on another walk. I was about to walk out the door with my blanket wraped around me then i remembered how stupid I would look so I grabbed a jacket (I had to be covered in something it just felt soo good) I walked outside into where I thought the monsters lived. But i thought my jacket would protect me. I saw alot of weird things in the dark that i thought were evil creaturs, but they couldnt harm me because i had my jacket on. I walked down the street and looked at the trees and saw faces in them trying to excape from something but being pulled back in (i wasnt scared at all i was actually very interested in it) once i got down to the end of the street I turned around and started to walk back home. It seemed with every step i was getting further away from my house, but the back of my head still knew that I was getting closer. I got back inside and threw off the jacket and wraped the blanket around me. I got a marker and some paper and started drawing random curved lines that seemed to be perfect curves at the time (now i can see they are anything but that). All the lines would move with the music it looked so amazing. I thought that the lines were falling off the page and they were all melting together. Some light caught my eye and i saw this orb of colors floating around the room then it went into another room. I looked at the words on the screen that people were sending me on aim and they started to become dificult to read I looked at the clock it was around 12:45 I think? And i remember thinking what the hell does that mean and i kept thinking about time forever ( started coming down at this time). I forgot what time was and how could everything we do take time and what i just did had taken 3 hours but it seemed like 2 minutes. But then it seemed like forever in a way. I started watching TV and I had the hardest time of my life falling asleep because i still kind of felt like the world around me was melting.

This morning i woke up a whole new person from this experience. It was the most amazing thing ever. I cant wait to do this again.

sorry about it being so long I tried to get every detail.

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