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Colors Melting

one day I bought 9 grams of magic mushrooms from a friend.

one day I bought 9 grams of magic mushrooms from a friend. The last time I did shrooms I ate 4 grams and had an alright trip, but I felt like I wanted more. So on a friday night I ate the shrooms. I was with two friends that were going to be smoking green all night. Well, about 30 min after I ate the shrooms I started to feel very stoned. I felt stoned for about a another 30min and then my visuals began. I saw very beautiful and colorful patterns on the wall for about 20min. Then I started to see everything around melting down the wall. the lamp in the room seemed to twist and spin and change colors. When I looked at my arm the hairs on my arm would seem to grow and twist, for a minute I thought that my whole body was covered in hair so I took my shirt off, and my friends told me that there was no extra hair on my body. I was having a good time but my friends were getting board so we decided to go driving around. So we got in my car and I started driving around. I was haveing a very difficult time driving because I couldnt tell what colors the lights were. I thought that the red lights were purple and the green lights were blue. So I let my friend drive. We had Jimi Hendrix playing so I got in the back and just shut my eyes. I saw colorful designs moving and morphing and changeing colors. I kept my eyes shut for about 15 minutes. then my friend pulled over so we could smoke some grass. I was beganing to feel very paranoid because everything was moving and melting. We were in a park an a picnic bench. It was about 11:30pm so it was dark. We started to smoke a bowl, and when we were about half way done I saw a car pull up to the park, and I instantly freaked. When the person got out of the car I thought that the person was some sort of monster because the persons arms seemed to be atleast 5ft long and they were waving back and fourth. The person got a dog out of the car and started walking the other way. We started smoking a blunt, and I liked watching my two friends smoking it because when one of my friends would hit the blunt the cherry would change colors as it glowed from orange to green to red to blue, and the blunt would not stop waving. Once the weed started to kick in I imediatly felt like a million dollars. After we smoked, the rest of the trip was great and I know that everytime from know on that when I trip iam going to smoke grass. Well this is getting long so Iam goin to end it here.

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