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WELL i had just got off of work and had been waiting for the shrooms the entire day, around 8 or 9 this guy finnally told me to meet him back at work.

WELL i had just got off of work and had been waiting for the shrooms the entire day, around 8 or 9 this guy finnally told me to meet him back at work. so i got like 4 chocolates tha size and shapes of reces cups. i spent my whole paycheck.see as i tried one b4 and not much happend except for shifting grain i didnt expect much to happen this time.boy i was in for it.i took 3 to tha face, and saved one for later like if i started to come down or a frend wanted to try one. i only like 8 minutes walking from my house and tha onset started about 2 minutes after i got home..i thot it would just be a regular trip-listening to music trippin in bed in the dark. I had to take a shit so i went to tha bathroom and then everything started to get ral intense. the tiles on the floor started shifting back and forth like b4, but then they started curving witch i had never seen b4. this was nuts. i went to tha frige to get something to drink, but since the lights were off in tha kitchen tha friges illuminated very very brite. evry thing in tha frige looked verry cloudy like bright scallops or white. w/e i figured i should stay in my room b4 my parents rope me.

in my rooms i have a computer chair thats kinda big, every thing that i could see became like a beed of a single color, and all together, no black anywhere, they formed what made up my room. but they all fromed an enormus rainbow like figure, but it was still identifiable as tha shit i had in my room. but then every thing started to move, as if it were dancing,i took off my hed fone rite about now. my chair reminded me of a devil-chick figure. and it was dancing..i was like wtf?, w.e., cool. i started to panick a little cuz if my parents came in tha room i felt like i was busted 4shur. so i gathered my shit and cleard it. so i began to glens garage( the local chill spot) everyone was out side, they were already blowed so i figured i wouldnt make that much of a fool of myself
as i arived i told every one what i was seeing and they were all like laffing there asses off. glens mom asked me if i had any monre and i lied, when she went inside glen was like gimmy one..and i was about to give it to him i changed my mind( even tho i wanted to give glen shrooms for tha longest time and promised one day wed trip)for some reason i felt like i could convay my feeling of "fucked upness" to my homies. i kept on askin "do you guys see this shit??!! do u see how fucked up i am!!??" but no one could undersdtand anyway, w.e. i didnt feel like wasteing my trip so i treked off to cristinas house to get a square. the whole street was lit up with color and the canopee of trees was kinda breathning, and i felt as if they were talkin to me...but w.e when i got to cristinas crib i wanted to explain to her how fucked up i was too like b4, but insted i started geting real crazy and jumping all over her bed and so she joined me. southbound was there to and his usual reponce is "nigga im blowed" but this time he was like "yo i want one fool" w.e my dog persisted but i sed no again. cristinas room started to get real real foggy, and i couldnt sit down for anything in tha world, so i decided id pass by my job and chill. when i got there mat came out side and we chilled and smoked a square, but they started bitching at him to get back inside( our managers are chill) i started to come down so i ate the last chocolate when i got home..but not much happend. i saw like strings of paterns and colors...w/e all and all i had an awsome time even tho i couldnt really tell what was happening.

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